Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Field Interviewer Job (Philippines)

Part-time job: Duration - 1 month as field interviewer
Salary: earn as much as 25k/month (assured min. of 22k)
Perks: all expense paid, get to travel Palawan and Visayas.

Fresh grads are encouraged to apply. CV enhancer! The survey is funded by DRDF-UPPI.

Scholarship in Korea 2013

Daejeon University in South Korea is looking for bright students interested in learning Korean and pursuing their higher education in South Korea. 
Daejeon University has passed the two major Quality Assurance System assessed by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology of Korea. One was for the overall University Quality Assurance System and the other was for the International Education Quality Assurance System(IEQAS). Only less than 30 universities out of over 300 universities in South Korea have passed one of these Quality Assurance Systems. DJU proudly announce that we have passed both QAS. 
For those interested in achieving an undergraduate degree from DJU might consider attending our Korean Language Center for a semester or two to reach appropriate Korean Language Proficiency level (TOPIC Level 3) and then be admitted to our undergraduate program. 

If you are interested, please contact shimw@dju.kr immediately. The admission process ends at the end of January. 
Scholarship: With excellent high school GPA and good academic performance at our Korean Language Center, students will be able to receive 100% tuition waive as a scholarship for the first semester of their undergraduate education. Students’ academic performance will then be assessed at the end of each semester to decide on the scholarship rate of the following semester. If you are interested in pursuing higher education and career in South Korea, come to Daejeon University!