Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The First Laugh

There really was nothing academic to do during the first two weeks or so in Daejeon University. It was a period dedicated to building relationships that were physically lost when we got transplanted to the Land of Kimchi. Of course, thriving is a matter of suave diplomacy, and you really need to extract every ounce of this skill to reestablish yourself inside a working social network.

I decided to break the first block of ice. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would. I just used some help from Photoshop, whose capability was not fully exploited as you can see (I could have very well used paint instead to dabble some blood here and scatter some of Gjah's heads there.) The girl wearing a veil is Siti. She's an adorably humble girl from Malaysia. Gorging with her some heads is Jeryang Kim, who was the first Korean person I've ever spoken with; he accompanied me and Tanya from Incheon Airport to DJU-- a 3 hour highway drive where all I saw were unfathomable characters (they turn out to be Hangeul) and Christian crosses protruding from atop churchs' roofs. Anyhow, Jeriyang...I can still remember him holding a bond paper with "DJU" printed on it in black; it wasn't difficult to spot amidst the crowd since he's tall. That picture with murderously funny intent was uploaded to ASEAN 2007 YahooGroups for everyone to see. But Gjah from Malaysia retaliated with an even more hilarious picture:

We raised the first duel of the sexes with these images--ASEAN Guys (3 valiant virgos) versus ASEAN Girls (14 vicious viragoes).

Being a certified man-killer, Gjah was able to turn the tables from Siti being the laughing stock to us becoming transgendered. We even laughed our lungs out seeing this. Talking of utter defeat.

Hmm...So this is what I look like if I'm a woman. Ugly. Bleh!

Here was the first laugh. It shall resonate till all my neural connections snap off.