Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SSS Pension: The Hidden 5-year Time Loss

A Must Read FYI for Pinoy Employees

Alam mo kung magkano ang monthly SSS mo? Alam mo rin ba na at least 5 years kang dapat buhay para marecover mo lahat ng premiums mo? Cling on to dear life ka till 65.

GOOD THING is, we can reverse the counting. Save today for 5 years habang bata pa, and you will get at least 7x more than your monthly SSS pension.

There's a savings design to achieve just that.

Computation for people who earn over 15,750/monthly, contributing for 15 years:
MSC *40%
16,000 *40% = P6,400 monthly pension
Gross Contribution: P316,800
316,800/6,400 = 5 years before you can recoup all your payments.

IBIG SABIHIN: binabawi mo lang lahat ng naibayad mo. Your living on interest starts only from 65th year onwards. Is this very wise?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Off the Bandwagon

Nakapila ko sa ATM tapos mga 10 tao pa bago ako. Then yung kabilang machine wala namang pila so I went there and tried my card. Yon, gumagana naman pala.

1) Wag gayahin ang ginagawa ng majority. Minsan, long way iyon para maachieve ang goals (withdrawing).
2) There was a risk of my card being captured. But I studied the situation: green light blinking, no out of order post, screen seems fine.
3) Pag may strategy na which proves to work, go for it. Do it. It might save you. Yung mga nakapila, despite na nakita nila ako walking away with a smirk, di pa rin lumipat ng machine.
4) Just leave people behind if they do not want to move forward. Wave goodbye, but give back and share your blessings.