Friday, March 30, 2012

Human Heart Nature Return and Exchange

Well, I had put too much hope in HHN's facial products and they turned out unleashing the power of pimples that Korean winter has suppressed. Not that the products are bad. Quite on the contrary. My siblings didn't get any unwanted reactions from using the day (moisturiser with 15 vitamins) and night cream (with plant collagen). It just so happens that I have allergic reactions to sunflower oil, which is whipped into the two moisturisers.

Since I spent 520 pesos for the two bottles, I had thought it would be awesome if I could get the money back, which the customer care has seen through to the end. I didn't refund the money but I had instead purchased a bundle worth 800 pesos. Paying only 280 php solidified the company's reputation for amazing organic products as well as it's non-exclusive profit-making adventure.

For those whose complaints are well-founded, do not hesitate to contact HHN's customer care. The company assures not only paraben-free products but also your right as a customer.