Monday, November 3, 2008

Free Image Source for Bloggers

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Sometimes I forget to include images in my posts. Well, it’s not really that I forget. It’s more of because I’m kinda lazy to scour the net for appropriate images for my posts. Sometimes I use deviant art, but I feel compelled to cite the origin of the drawing. It’s always better to include even a single relevant picture in one’s post because 1) people could be drawn to reading the whole blog post, 2) people can easily understand and crystallize in their minds what your entry was about 3) people would keep on coming back to your site, if only for the interesting pictures. If you are looking for free blog images, you really have to try Acobox service. This website offers free images for bloggers so you wouldn’t have to worry about proper referencing of the sources of you image; they sometimes ruin the whole post for you. What is good about Acobox is that it’s very easy to search for images. There is a search box where you can scavenge relevant photos for your blog post. You can also search using filters: animals, landscape, nature, etc. Take your pic. Sign up on Acobox and start using images worry-free.