Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tomato Paste Facial Mask

The ~ber months gave another nasty round of acne bloom, which aren't really welcome Christmas additions. The choco-honey-red wine face mask that I have been using to keep my pimples at bay failed to work this time, to my heart's disappointment, and so I had to look for an alternative mask.

I used cherry tomatoes before in Korea and my face has never been that clear. I thought it was just the good weather and non-greasy foods so I decided to just treat tomatoes as a fruit, or vegetable, whatever.

Bad move. My pimples recurred. Back to slathering squished tomatoes on my face. It was troublesome, especially if the juice runs down to my clothes. And so I got enough of the tomato regimen and onto the chocolate-honey-red wine alternative.

I've been using that mask for almost a year now, but there has been no real effect on my face. So, just a week ago, I decided to give tomatoes once again a try. I bought a pack of tomato paste because I reckon it's gonna be less drippy. It tingles a bit because I didn't dilute the paste with anything in the initial attempt. I wanted to clear up the acne marks quickly, and I assume that tomatoes have natural acids that will do the thing. Yes, it did tingle, and so it must be working.
Now, down to the 7th day of using it.

Pores were definitely smaller! Dark marks left by red, cystic acne were significantly less visible, and my facial complexion noticeably lightened. Seriously, I cannot believe that I had just saved thousands of pesos for an IPL or diamond peel just to get rid of these unsightly genetic curses once and for all.

If you have oily skin, don't dilute the tomato paste with anything. It'll work faster that way, I think. If your skin is sensitive, put a little bit of honey to the mix. Let it sit on your skin for more than an hour, yeah! Sometimes I leave it on till I finish a whole movie. Rinse, moisturize, and off you go to bed. Your face will be as bright as the morning sunshine.

The lovely red plushies saved the day.