Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sunday To-Do (If you value your health)

Free food. Free health scan. See your blood on the monitor actually circulating. Spot toxins and clots. Measure your real biological and skin age with Ghealth's state-of-the-art machines.

Pain- and hassle-free medical screening. Check the banner for details.

Full- Part-time Job Philippines

With all 300 products manufactured to New Zealand standards and approved by 10 Asian country FDAs, Ghealth products are at the top of its class. Today, we can enjoy 10 Ghealth products in the Philippines; the rest are on their way! Today, let's choose to be healthy. Choose Ghealth.

Become a Distributor
You can also opt to become a member. Once you purchase either G-Cell (1900, 30caps) or Omega King (1800, 90caps), you are already entitled to become a member/distributor for life. No quota or demotion. Invite and sell on your own pace. You just shell a calculated and minimal risk of P1,800.00 and that's it. You'realready a distributor. You get a product, a kit, and a login ID for the website.

Earning Potential
With Ghealth's compensation plan, you are assured to experience financial freedom. I have personally attended other networking companies' orientations only to find that I'd have to work extra hard to build leaders; my life would revolve around the company almost exclusively. With Ghealth, you can find the means to enjoy other earning opportunities (I am a full-time researcher) while earning at the same time.
No pressure. Just possibilities. I do meetups for interested buyers and distributors. We'll discuss the business opportunity over a cup of coffee or tea. 
Buy now and become a member automatically. Health and wealth don't meet as often as they do in Ghealth.

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For inquiries and membership, contact me at horebelliot at yahoo dot com.