Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lament of a Call Center Agent

If you have an experience with working in a call center before you'd probably be able to relate to this post.

I am Elliot. A difficult character to tame. I hate underqualified people appraising my capability. I hate people who pretend they know a lot but in actuality know a bit more than nil. I call them "feelers".

Superiority complex is the last thing I'll have. I just can't accept the tyranny of the unequipped. 저는 부적임자의 전제정치를 받아들일 수 없다.

Today I received my performance appraisal served on a golden plate of injustice. First, the dear evaluator corrected my already correct grammar. For instance, she took note of my sentence "This is my second attempt". I tried my hardest but I couldn't find even the slightest ungrammatical hint. Secondly, the honorable epal-uator (pun intended) only reviewed a single recorded session with my student without paying attention to the lesson's context, or even to my relationship with that particular student. The classes I hold are not discrete. She should have reviewed multiple recorded classes, or selected a cross-section of classes I held with different students. I have a total of five Korean 영어 공부하는 학생 who attend class everyday in a month. Only one class was randomly picked for "monitoring".

Can please somebody define what monitoring is? Only a single class out of more than 50 sessions I held in a month! Clearly, the company is just wasting its money for this so-called monitoring task. What kind of data is generated from this un-statistical, unrepresentative sampling of recorded classes? There is no science behind this at all!

The evaluation result is a disservice to the teachers who are motivated not only by a bimonthly salary but also with a proper appreciation and acknowledgment of their contribution, and a well-founded critique for self-improvement.

What is the QuentA of Company QAs?