Thursday, May 3, 2012

You know who real friends are, even in dreams

After going around Cheonan, the CUK peeps headed back to Seoul. The subway was shabbier than it actually was, but as always, the train schedule still flashes the arrival time. Just as the elevator sent us up the station, Mario rushed towards the turnstile with his T-money in hand. We knew that it was just a matter of seconds before the train leaves. We all dashed through the throng of Koreans for that "masakit sa bangs" tap, when I realized I don't have my T-money with me. The others jetted down the escalator leaving me behind scouring my wallet for 1,000 won and coins. As the bills didn't get regurgitated, I was able to catch up, though what I saw were closing doors. I will be left behind in Cheonan...And then, I saw a hand sticking out in between the doors. "Caroline Manzano: Sakay na, Horeb (jump in!)." I sat down between Karina Chua and Alessa. "Karina: Ako rin hinarang ko legs ko para di magsara pinto (I also stuck out my leg to keep the doors from closing)." Even if this was just a dream, I felt valued.