Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cutting Through the Cutting Edge

Finding the latest, hippest, most of the most gadget is a tough browsing job. I remember when I was looking for a network media player. I had to browse a good deal of websites before I could arrive at a decision what brand and model to buy. Wallowing through information could be overloading. Good thing that there are websites like Gadget Advisor that presents the cream of the electronic crop to people who are in search of cutting edge digital goodies. What caught my attention here is the website’s really witty catch phrase: Cutting Through the Cutting Edge. I think this is worth the mention. I like neophrases. Anyhow, Gadget Advisor is a very neat website that displays without clutter the things that you need to know about what’s latest: high-end laptops and desktops, storage devices like solid state hard disks and online backup services, universal remote controls, navigation gadgets, and other neat stuff. The website features a very clean interface where you could surf tech news just by clicking on the links at the top of the page. You could also register and get the benefits like newsletters they send to members. Indeed, websites like this that distills the nice from the niceties are useful hangouts in the web.