Thursday, October 3, 2013

Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir and Natural Day Moisturizer

I seldom write reviews for skin products, but two HHN products just compelled me by efficacy to write one.

Clear and healthy skin is not an exclusive female wish. Guys like me also would like to be initially appraised physically and one of the most instantaneous bases for a positive one is the face. And because of this belief, I had tried many products in the market from Shu Uemura to Clinique to DIY but finally I have found my holy grail product at a fraction of the price!

I wanna share with you what works for me, my sister, and countless other friends. If your skin is oily, nay, super duper oily, acne-prone, and pore-infested, HHN Overnight Elixir slathered at night (6-7 drops) and afterwards patting two pumps of Natural Day Moisturizer does the trick of alleviating all the unsightliness under the sunlight. In the morning, one and half pump of Natural Day Moisturizer can make blotting papers unnecessary throughout the day.

Trust me. My face is an oil spill disaster. Not until I tried this HHN combo. Waking up in the morning and seeing how healthy-dewy (not oily) my face's just amazing. What's more, I don't have to shell out 3-5k for monthly maintenance.

Give this a try and see the difference in under a week.

Day: Nourishing Facial Wash, Natural Day Moisturizer 1 1/2 pumps. Off I go!
Night: Nourishing Facial Wash, 6-7 drops of Overnight Elixir, 2 pumps of Natural Day Moisturizer. Off to bed!
Overnight Elixir 30mL at P995 (lasts for more than a month)

Natural Day Moisturizer 50mL at P150 (lasts for two months)