Monday, May 26, 2008

Be Smart, Register to Smorty

I never really believed that the Internet is a literal goldmine—until I tried blogging myself. It was a bit tasking in the first week: inviting people for an exchange link, joining blogospheres and making acquaintances with co-bloggers, updating blog contents everyday, and of course learning the learning curve of blogging. In my second month of blogging, I have learned what PR is and how important those two letters are in the blogworld especially if you want to turn your blog into a definitive money raking machine. I still don’t have a PR till now but I’m registering in various “middle-men”, so to speak, in the blogosphere like payu2blog, sponsored reviews, blogrolled, smorty, and blogvertise. I am thinking of which among these sites would be lenient enough to give a PR0 blog with a task. I found out from what best way to earn small sums for a PR0 blog. She also shouts to the world how smorty has helped her become not just a blogger—but an earning blogger.