Monday, September 22, 2008

A Misnomer for "Plagiarism"

Being a college student means assuming multiple roles. More often that not, your master role as a “student” is challenged and often conflicts with other obligations like love life, social life, family duties, etc. This is particularly true especially if you land on a very reputable university. Sometimes you can’t just juggle all the demands with just your two hands. In real emergency cases, it is permissible by my standards that one asks help from an essay writing service. It is not plagiarism in the strictest sense of the word because all ideas that the original writer (who is not you, just to be clear) has written are properly cited (or should have been; the site boasts of adept essay writers). What one is actually buying here is the service--the output--and it being plagiarized is out of the question. Rights and intellectual property are purchase-able. If you really can’t avoid to beat the deadline, even if you had been diligent and have been all those things you learned in your GMRC and Christian Values class, then asking for an essay help could be a good, temporary escape. Order essay services are there not just because of lazy students. They are there to help out even responsible ones who have just been caught in toxic college moments.