Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fundraising Activity for Organizations (School, Org, Church, etc.)

The Objective

G-health, Inc., a health and wellness company from New Zealand, is looking for organizations that can move 140 boxes of G-tea in the Philippines. One of the strategies it has come up with is by soliciting the participation of interested organizations/volunteers in exchange for P25,000.00 (cash, exclusive of 12% tax)  upon complete settlement of the said product and quantity. Interested organizations can use the financial incentive to help charities, support social causes, and fund their activities.

The Strategy

For this fundraising to succeed, the members of your organization are called for to move the inventory: 140 boxes of G-tea, 1 box/P650.00/30 tea bags, 1 tea bag/350ml of tea puree.

·                     The SRP of a box of G-tea is P650.00. The volunteers have 30 days to dispose of the inventory. They are also encouraged to mobilize their networks (family, friends, org mates, etc.) to easily move the boxes that volunteers commit to dispose of, on or before the allotted fundraising period (30 days upon delivery of inventory).
·                      The inventory can be borrowed from the boutique in Ortigas, Quezon City. Unsold items can be returned provided that they are in excellent condition (damaged products are considered sold). However, if the quota (140 boxes) has not been met, which means that some volunteers were not able to move the items, then the P25,000.00 incentive will be adjusted according to the number of boxes sold. Good news! All sold products will still be convertible to cash!
·                     This fundraising activity is risk-free. Volunteers need not pay in advance. Remittance will be collected on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 30th day.

The Solution

                1. G-health, Inc., a. SEC, DTI, FDA accredited company, will provide the inventory.
                2. Volunteers are deemed to not experience any financial loss from the participation as supplies can                                                                 be returned to the botique.
                3. G-health, Inc. reserves the right to a processing period (maximum of 5 working days after the 30-day fund                                                   raising period) before the incentive is released.
                4. G-health, Inc. will give volunteers copies of FDA certifications and a flier containing the product information.

·                     G-tea is an exquisite red tea puree made from Rooibos tea and Reishi extracts. Together, they provide the body with 18 antioxidants to slow down aging, boost the immune system, and help in the detoxification process.

With this program, we can raise funds for a cause and become more socially relevant as an organization. This scheme has benefitted social causes in Mindanao and Laguna (typhoon victims, orphanages), and I hope we can also do the same for the beneficiary of your choice.

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