Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Why do an MLM (network marketing company) shift?

Yet another MLM?
I don't think so. I have attended 4 MLM orientations, which I wouldn't name, and I found their marketing plans unsustainable and difficult in the long term.
You might be earning now. But it's because your spending is bigger than your paycheck!
This took me a year to decide, and I can guaranete you this is not just another network marketing scheme.

People who don't change decisions are people who don't think.

The question is: Why would you want to become a member in another MLM?
1. Your life has become totally MLMed. You train leaders and you equip them for reqruitment. Most of your time has been eaten by your MLM and its promise for luxury cars, mansions, and huge earthly incentives. 
2. Binary and flushouts - You know you won't earn if left and right leaders do not match.
3. Demotion.
4. Quotas and maintenance.
5. Pressure to recruit people. You see, it's more of 'human trafficking' than product marketing.
6. Huge cashouts. It's difficult to recruit if you're asking for 20k or 12,888 or even 7k in exchange for a bundle of goods.
7. Hidden and undisclosed demands on you--purchase this and that otherwise...; do this and that otherwise...; and the list goes on. Dishonest invitations: "Looking for data encoder", "Do you have time, I like to introduce something"--why not tell it outright?   These MLMs fool people to get into their lair and sweet talk them while being surrounded by dozens of members. Ugh.

In G-health we mean business. Honest, profitable, effective distribution business. I am offering you a way to engage in network marketing again without these seven stressful strategies of your old MLM. Why G-Health?

1. Absolutely no demotion. A product has an equivalent point value. Point values accumulate when you buy products. The higher the PV, the more rebates/commissions you get. Point values do not expire. They just add up. You WILL ENJOY up to 35% rebates, no doubt.
2. Absoultely no quotas. Market and sell on your own pace. There's no pressure
3. No hidden agenda. Purchase G-Cell Stem Cell Mobilizer (P1800, 30 caps) or Omega King (Omega 3,5,6,7,9; P1900, 90 caps) and you AUTOMATICALLY become a distributor.
4. No huge cash outs; no risk involved. Shell out P1,800 and you can have your own business.
5. G-health needs pioneers. It is established for more than a decade in 10 Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, etc.) but G-health is new in the Philippines. Be a GRAND UPLINE!
6. G-health has over 300 products that are manufactured IN and TO NEW ZEALAND standards. FDI approved in 11 countries.
7. It's easier to sell products with a P1,800 price tag. We do orientations in restaurants and we get instant pay-ins all the time. Your effort does not go to waste.

Is there any reason why you should not join G-health? I can't think of any. Let me know if you have questions or if you're interested in becoming a G-health distributor. 

Health and wealth do not meet as often as they do in G-health.
*You can reach me via: horebelliot at yahoo dot com or 092one 663 8808.*