Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Beginning of the Start (Kimchi Pot Chronicles Prologue)

I hated number 4. And I have the Chinese Feng Shui to blame for that. It says it means death and illness. But it was just now when I'm writing this blog entry that I came to realize that the day my life has changed--where my real self was rubbed out of the cramped, imprisoning lamp--was 4-14, March 14, 2007.
Not everyone would be celebrating March 14, 2007. For me, it is the highlight of my life so far. And it would be harbored in my dear hypothalamus for many years to come. 4-14 was the day I flew to Korea to study in DJU as an exchange student. I never thought that my 10-month experience there would be so life changing, as it was so much fun beyond all the betraying adjectives man know of.
From this point on, I'll backtrack from the point when I was packing all my stuff, emptying my drawer, watching movies for the last time with my best friends...yeah, I'll try to recollect all the memories before all my neural connections snap off.