Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Catholic University of Korea (CUK) Scholarship for Graduate Studies

The Catholic University of Korea Graduate Program for Philippine Students
Application is now open. Deadline is on March 7, 2010.

- To provide top-level students from the Philippines with opportunities for higher-education in Korea
- To enhance the globalization of the CUK campus by creating a more diverse atmosphere
- To promote international exchange in education and mutual friendship between Korea and the Philippines

- Around 25 students

Recruitment Plan
1. Entrance period: Fall semester, 2010 (September 2010)
2. Programs: graduate program
Department and Majors
- Business Administration
- International Studies – American Studies, Chinese Studies, International Relations, International Trade
- Public Administration
- Computer Sciences & Engineering
*As for the science and engineering departments, students admitted with undergraduate degree in same or related majors
*Information, Communications and Electronic Engineering

The opportunities for admission to other majors shall be extended in the future.

3. Language of Instruction: English
A minimum number of courses about Korean language will be offered.

4. Eligibility
Program Eligibility
[Graduate] Nationals of the Philippines
Graduates or graduates-to-be of college (undergraduate program)
(as for the graduate-to-be, the student must be able to study from September, 2009 in CUK)

5. Screening
The screening will be conducted on the basis of overall evaluation according to paper screening and interview results.

1. Exempt from tuition and on-campus residence fee during the whole study
§ Graduate program: 2 years

(※ On condition that the applicant shall meet GPA of over 3.0 in a scale of 4.0.)

2. Monthly payment is available for the students who work part-time jobs on campus (such as English Assistantship).

3. Round-trip airfare provided

4. Internship opportunities at local companies arranged during study (as for candidates)

5. When the applicant completes the degree in CUK, Job opportunities with Korean companies may be offered

6. When the applicant acquires a Ph.D. at CUK, a job opportunity as a teaching staff at CUK will be offered

Application Deadline:

The end of May, 2009

Required Documents
1. Application for Admission (CUK Form)
2. Study Plan and Personal Statement (Free Form)
3. A copy of Certificate of college graduation (or certified expected graduation form)
4. A copy of college official transcript of whole year (all the ranks and marks must be included on the transcript).
5. A recommendation letter by teacher or professor serving as relevant department head
6. Proof of Foreign Status (i.e., A copy of the first page of passport)


For further information, please inquire to Office of International Affairs

Address: Office of International Affairs, The Catholic University of Korea
Tel. No.: + 82-2-2164-4116, 4957
Fax No.: + 82-2-2164-4751

Click here for more information
Download the application form.
Download the application for admission.