Friday, November 7, 2008

November Sun

I was disappointed when I lost one of my sunglasses because of my carelessness. I slipped it into one of my bag’s zipper-less pockets. I thought nothing would happen to it as the pocket was relatively secure. But yeah, the bus was crowded and I think it was pickpocketed by God knows who. Anyhow, I am definitely going to buy a replacement. Those glasses were not really expensive but are resistant against scratch (vulnerable to pickpockets) and have a durable frame. It was exactly like one of those Zenni Optical glasses. Zenni offers great eyeglasses for less. I wonder why people buy uber expensive, signature glasses when the public wouldn’t bother to know what’s beyond the face value. If you’re looking for great lenses for an affordable price, try out Zenni. Variable dimension frames from Zenni shouldn’t be missed out. Also, if you’ve been recently watching TV, Zenni Optical was on FOX news!