Friday, August 1, 2008

Find Your Language Exchange Partner Right Now

How can I practice my Korean if every Korean I know here wants to converse with me in English?... T__T I was supposed to take the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)this month when I realized quite realistically that I'd just simply get at most a proficiency level of 2. Taking the TOPIK means taking 80U$D from the ATM, and I think that's about worth 3 or 4 TOPIK proficiency score. 8 is the highest possible level a foreign speaker in my category could attain. I'll postpone taking the test until I'm sure I can get a good score for all my money's worth.

Meh, I'll just study harder.... ^^; How I revel at that thought.

Anyway, the real deal in this post is this:

These days I'm learning informal Korean by talking with my friends in It's a community of people coming from diverse countries who are eager to know and learn other peoples' culture and language. Think of social networking sites. But this is not just another one of those icky webs. TT4you is a free social networking site that allows members to actually voice chat with one another--for FREE. Yes, you've read it right. TT4you is a browser built in Skype, so to speak, where all registered members appear in the friends list. I was just so happy to have found out about this.

If you want to make international friends I think this place is for you. The website is decent as are the members. Join now and meet me there. ahahaha. my username is elliot86. We could have a good chat if we find a common time. ^^;