Sunday, March 2, 2008

Inexchangeable (Old Vineyard Chronicles #2)

Special wine made form a well-aged friendship.
March 2, 2008, Sunday, I met with Vichell, Malou and Cyril, three of my 52 high school girl classmates. We had a mini reunion in Alabang Town Center with me as the only guy around. Felt quite a bit awkward at first. And as much as I wanted to hear something about my highschool guy friends, they're just too inactive even for a Japanese seismograph to detect.
Me bill-less but penny-ful, which doesn't count much if one wants to treat long unseen friends, felt quite disappointed especially that I actually have a part-time job, but money doesn't really trickle down on me one drop. Yeah, blame that on over-extraction of labor from a competent underpaid laborer. Anyhow, I ended up being treated instead! hahaha. Pains and gains.
It was in Shakey's that we just talked, shared stories over a pan of pizza combo meal and mojo so as to catch up with each other's lives spent with contact so scarce that each sentence we utter tells a whole lot of stories, substories and other interesting digressions. And speaking of that Shakey's! I'm pissed off with the waiter whom I think regards himself very handsomely, while the fact stands out that he'll not stand out from a pile of cow dung. For we were still enjoying sitting on the couch not longer than an hour, and this certain creature approached us with an impish tone: "Sir, Ma'am, are you still going to order something?" Logically it follows "then if none you could now pack your things and leave." OH MY! I've never been treated that way before, not by a dung-esque persona! Anyhow, I kept my cool and said we need none and we left. If only I have money at that time I'd buy a family size pizza and bottomless iced tea and I will piss him off by making the thing refill my glass over and over and over. Anyhow, us four left ATC and hopped to Festival Supermall. We finished our chit-chat at the 4th floor near the cinema, with Vichell telling more than the three of us combined. Filled with plans for March, we parted ways expecting to see again. This time, with money to keep our activities floating, and of course, more fun. Realistically speaking, it's always fun with money and friends around. hahaha.

And yeah. Don't worry my friends. I am not exchanging your for anything, however intense and lugubrious (at times! hahaha) I am particularly with my experiences in Korea.