Monday, August 19, 2013

Scholarship to Korea 2013

GEO Graduate Scholarship Program of CUK for Foreign Students
I. Purpose of the Program
1. To provide exemplary students from foreign countries with opportunities
for pursuing higher-education in Korea
2. To enhance globalization of the CUK campus by creating a more
culturally diverse environment
3. To promote international education and mutual friendship between Korea
and other countries.
II. Number of Recipients
Approximately 10 students in total
III. Program Eligibility and Details
1. Entrance period: Spring semester of 2014 (begins March, 2014)
2. Graduate programs in the following areas of concentration:
International Studies (International Relations, American Studies, Chinese
Business Administration (Business Administration, Accounting)
Public Administration (Public Administration, Policy Studies)
Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering
(Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology)
Information, Communications and Electronics Engineering
*⑥ Digital Media (Media Engineering, Culture Contents)
Applicable only to department with the asterisk(*) : When the number of
applicants does not meet the quota, there might be no selection
3. Language of Instruction: English
4. Eligibility:.
ㆍAn English aptitude exam score of TOEFL PBT 550/CBT 210/IBT
IELTS 5.5, TEPS 550 or above is required.
ㆍGraduates or undergraduates in their final year of study
(Must be available to study from March, 2014)
IV. Submission Deadline
ㆍAll documents must be submitted electronically by October 31,
Upon selection, applicants will be required to submit originals of all the
documents by air-mail by November 8,
2013. If any discrepancy is found between the electronic versions and
the originals, the offer will immediately
be terminated.
(Applicants who pass the initial review will be notified individually for an
ㆍAn English exam score must be submitted electronically by October
31, 2013.
Original results of the English exam score can be submitted after
entering the school.
If any discrepancy is found between the electronic versions and the
the offer will immediately be terminated.
ㆍThose selected for an interview will be notified by email.
The interviews will be held from November 25 ~ 29.
After the interview via Skype, the notification of the results will be on
December 16.
V. Recipient Responsibilities
1. Work as a GEO TA
2. Observe local customs and follow school regulations as stipulated by The
Catholic University of Korea
(Teaching English outside for extra income is allowed within the observation
of the law and with permission from
the Head Professor)
VI. Scholarship Privileges
1. Tuition exemption and on-campus residence fees during the entire period
of study
(Graduate program: 2 years)
(Student must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or above on the scale of 4.5)
2. Monthly stipend as a GEO TA: KRW400,000 (Under current exchange
rate, approx..
USD350) during the semesters.
(*Stipend offered based on hours of work as a GEO TA during the
3. Airfare to Korea up to USD 500
4. Settlement allowance: KRW 200,000
5. Transportation from the airport
(Other fees, including insurance fee, must be paid by the individual)
VII. Required Documents
1. Admissions Application (CUK Form)
2. Statement of Purpose (CUK Form)
3. A copy of the college graduation certificate
(or certified expected graduation form)
4. A copy of the official college transcripts
(all the ranks and marks must be included in the transcripts)
5. One letter of recommendation from a professor or the department head
6. A copy of the TOEFL/CBT/iBT/IELTS/TEPS score report
7. Proof of Nationality (i.e., A copy of the first page of the passport)
VIII. Inquiries
For further information, please inquire with the Team of Academic &
Student Affairs of the Graduate School
Address: Team of Academic & Student Affairs of the Graduate School,
The Catholic University of Korea
43 Jibong-ro, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, 420-743, Republic of
Tel. No.: + 82-2-2164-4474
Fax No.: + 82-2-2164-4751
E-mail: cukgra at hanmail dot net