Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two Faces of My Girlfriend

Watching movies, may they be atrociously mediocre or superb, is something that I should not deprive myself of every weekend. I always regard this as a way of empathizing to humanity as films are incarnates to the power of imagination and expression, not only of the director but also of individual actors. Okay, okay. I won't go any further with this pedant train of thought. Cut!

Today I watched Two Faces of My Girlfriend (Du Olgeuri Yeochin/두 얼굴의 여친), which is about a college male student who has never had a girlfriend before. Gu-cheong is a "rare species deserving to be under the protection of UNESCO". He eventually meets a girl named Anni who also attends his university. Anni's split-personality disorder (I think SPD is a misdiagnosis, a misnomer actually; find out for yourself why) made Gu-cheong's life sassy, eventful, and half of the time painful.
This movie would really take you to comedic peaks to dramatic troughs. It might seem to be just your another humdrum humor flick in the first hour but it is NOT! Definitely not!!! The twist near the end is just so fantastic that I thought the movie was carefully planned; it won't insult your logic even if it's a comedy film.

Two Faces of My Girlfriend is funny but not dumb and sappy. I really recommend this to everyone! ^^;