Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Too Many to Mention

"Another star with Pinoy roots joins Glee cast." I really think that we should stop basking in the reflected glory of Filipino artists making waves abroad. We've already proven that Fil artists can, and in too many an instance, in fact. We need to revel in something more than this, something that can translate mere "national pride" to more significant movements and change.

Another singing with a drop of Filipino blood in X-Factor, yeah. Just another brick in the wall for me.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visa Requirements for Studying in Korea

This is a scan of the latest requirements printed on DFA's pamphlet.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tara at manguna! ^^

Naisip ko lang habang nagbabrowse ng photo album sa FB ng Korean and Japanese friends ko...hindi lang sila simpleng litrato ng isang grupo ng mga international students, nakita ko ang isang karera ng henerasyon.

Hindi ko naman gaanong nararamdaman na mahuhuli ang henerasyon natin kapag nagtagpo tayo at sila sa edad ng karaniwang pamumuno. Marami naman satin ang nasa ibang bansa rin (at kahit ang mga nananatili sa Pilipinas) para magaral, at hindi madalang ang mga nakakakuha ng parangal at nagtatagumpay sa mumunti nilang pamamaraan.

Inaalala ko lang, at alam kong hindi lingid sa atin, na may kiling ang iba sa atin sa metalidad ng pagiging pangkaraniwan, basta mairaos lang, o kung hindi man, eh simpleng katamaran.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Scholarship in Korea, Gyeongju University

Gyeongju University International School (GUIS) is now accepting students who are interested to take a Diploma Course or a Second Degree. Full scholarships offered to alumni of sister universities and half scholarships to ALL foreign nationals. Programs offered: Culinary Arts and Science, International Tourism English, Business Management, Hotel Management, Tourism Management, Taekwondo, Cinema and Photography, Electricity, Energy and Electronic Engineering, Korean Language and Culture classes.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Building 63 in Seoul

You would not have missed the tall, golden, glimmering building if you're riding the train from Incheon to Seoul. What you are seeing is called Building 63 for an obvious reason. Below is a scanned brochure containing the things that you can find in the building. Things are a bit pricey in there but the sights and activities are worth the bucks.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Free online space

If you're looking for a service that lets you upload and download files anytime, consider making a dropbox account: Use the link to make one. It's the most reliable file storage and sharing website I've ever tried so far.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CJ Korea Internship

CJ Recruiting
[탐님] CJ그룹 Global 신입인턴 모집! *기간:11.14(월)~11.27(일)23시까지 *대상:2012년 2월졸업예정 외국인 유학생* 채용 설명회:11/19(토)CGV왕십리 15시~19시 지원서접수:

Click on the link above to apply for the internship Good luck :D

Friday, October 21, 2011

Midterms, 2011 Fall Semester

An admonition worth pondering about this exams week.
Thesis + advanced statistics exams = death by reading. T_T

Monday, October 17, 2011

Scholarship in Europe

Never get tired of writin' em essays! I'm sure yhis one's worth a shot!
(This scholarship info is from the ASEAN Fb group)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scholarship in Asian Countries

I got this from the ASEAN University Network Secretariat. Test your fate and send your application way before the deadline!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Gangnam Fashion Festival

We're going on Oct. 9th, when Rain (Bi) will hold his last public appearance before entering the military. The other days have amazing programs as well, so we're choosing two dates to visit and shop.

Venue: Coex Mall
When: from Oct 1-9

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Embers of Confession

There are mornings when I wake up in a trance even before I eat breakfast and I just feel compelled to write the words down. They flow from nowhere and it's a waste not to grab them by the tail. So here's today's catch.

Embers of Confession

Behind the ember walls you hide,
Struggling to disclose your spirit.
The ashen chimney, and the frosted walls
Belie to your self,
What is behind the ember doors.

Through the glass I stare,
With dried drops of rain, those impure specks!
Hazing my sight of you,
The fumes that billow they don't help,
Clouding the carnal imagery we suppress.

I burst through your ember doors, for I couldn't help it.
And what a being to see!
Your hands gracefully lying on the edge of the bed,
Grasping a photo, of me, fevered with embers of desire...

Squeeze out your remaining courage
And let's jump out the window.
You and I, dead on the grass.
Birds feasting on our love-soaked corpse.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inha University Scholarship (Korea Scholarship)

Inha University is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Korea that is renowned for its engineering department. The uni offers scholarship biannually. So try your luck and collect all those required documents!

Download the brochure for a better view.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Enjoy Everland this Summer!

Going to Everland is not really something a student like me can do in a whim--till now. Everland is giving out discount coupons that are valid until Sept. 14. Download and print the coupon below. Don`t forget to bring your alien registration card with you.

This will be my last stretch for Summer!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Global Korea Scholarship

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea announces the opening of the application for the 2012 Korean Government Scholarship Program for International Students for an Undergraduate Degree.

The Korean Government Scholarship Program aims to provide international students with an opportunity to conduct advanced studies at higher educational institutions in Korea in order to promote international exchanges in education and mutual friendship between countries.

Academic Programs:
Undergraduate degree courses (4 years) after preliminary Korean Language course (1 year)

Scholarship Period:
March 1, 2012 to February 28, 2017

Scholarship Benefits:
- Round-trip airfare
- Monthly stipend
- Tuition Fees & Korean Language Training Expenses
- Medical Insurance
- Settlement and repatriation allowance

Application Deadline:
Deadline for sending the applications is on September 30, 2011

Place of Submission:
Embassy of the Republic of Korea
122 Upper McKinley Road,
McKinley Town Center,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634
This is a repost from the Philippine Embassy in Seoul, South Korea. Please visit the site for the application document.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Teach in Korea

Gyengju University is recruiting more Filipino professors with the following qualifications:

1. a Master's degree (regardless of major)
2. PhD is an advantage
3. with more than 3 years of teaching experience in the University/College

Interested applicants may send their CVs to me ( or directly to or

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

UK Scholarship for Filipinos

Scholarship Information

Amount: Full tuition fee waivers, accommodation, living expenses and flights to and from London.
Eligibility: You must and hold an offer for a full-time Masters degree and be a student from the Philippines.
Criteria: Academic excellence, financial need and development potential.
Deadline: 31 May 2012

To encourage academically excellent students from the Philippines to attend the university we are offering a full scholarship to a student to study a Masters programme with us.

clicke here for more details.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teaching Job in Alabang, Muntinlupa

MIT International School (MITIS), the only international school in Alabang, Philippines that offers K-12 Curriculum and Advanced Placement (AP) courses approved by the College Board, USA, is currently looking for Chinese and Spanish Language Teachers to join its top-caliber team of professionals.

Chinese and Spanish Language Teachers

- Candidate must be fluent in Mandarin/Spanish
- Must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Education/Teaching/Training or equivalent, preferably Major in Chinese/Spanish Language and Literature
- Good academic credentials
- Applicants may be Filipinos or foreigners
- Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
- Full-Time positions available

Interested applicants may send their resume and credentials to:

The HRD Officer, MIT International School
Alabang-Zapote Road cor. Don Manolo Blvd.,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines 1771
T. +632.809.1616 F. +632.809.3280
Email (DOC or PDF resumes) to

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Foreign Volunteer Teachers in Korea

l  MIZY center
MIZY center (Seoul Youth Center for Cultural Exchange) operated by Korean National Commission for UNESCO under the auspices of Seoul Metropolitan government is a specialized place for various cultures, a site of global exchange and understanding.
l  IEWCH program
Integrated Education of World Cultural Heritage (IEWCH) aims to enhance understanding of other cultures and foster appreciation of the values of world cultural heritage by educating our future generations.
l  MIZY is looking for
ü  Foreigners from various countries
ü  Foreigners over 19 years old who have a heart for education
ü  Foreigners interested in Culture, World Heritage and International Exchange field are highly welcomed.
l  Job description & Condition
ü  To deliver lectures about World Cultural Heritage from respective countries
ü  To create visual class materials (Power Point, Images)
ü  To inspire Korean students to be aware of Cultural diversity
ü  Active participation in orientation and group work for preparation is required 
ü  This is a volunteering activity but transportation fee will be provided
l  Working Period
ü  September. 2011 ~ December. 2011 ( 5-7 classes during the period)
ü  Training Session
-  Orientation: 31st, August (Wed.) / 3rd, 10th, September (Sat.)
-  Workshop (Simulation Class): 17th / 24th, September (Sat.)
ü  Lectures on Saturday morning 10:30~12:00
(Change available according to schedule)
l  Location:
ü  Elementary schools and Youth centers in Seoul.
l  Rewards
ü  A certificate will be issued
ü  Transportation card provided
ü  Free culture trip
ü  Free trip to Jeju island is awarded to outstanding instructors
l  How to apply
ü  Online application on the website (
ü  In case of technical error, please send the resume and application form via e-mail to
ü  Deadline : 24th, August (Wed.) 23:59  
l  Selection Procedure
ü  Outcome of Resume Screening: 25th, August (Thu.) after 4 p.m.
* Successful Candidates will be informed via email and on the website.
ü  Interview: 26th, August (Fri.)
ü  Final result will be announced on 29th, August (Mon.) after 4 p.m. via email and on the website.

[Notice] Successful candidates must participate in the orientation and workshop. If attendance rate is low, selection would be canceled
l  Inquires
02-755-1024, extension 111
E-mail :
Apply Now ☞  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mideo Cruz's Art?

One basic measure of decency is doing what you do with/to your family. stick a d*ck on your mom's photo (as what the infamous Mideo did to Jesus') and see how everyone reacts. Art for art's sake is bull shit. Everything exists in a relationship, relativity, comparability, compatibility with all others around it. Otherwise, if art exists for itself, it must exist in a void. An art without boundaries is pollution, a trash--an entity which knows not its place.

There's such a thing as responsible artistry.
C'mon UP Fine Arts students! Things are getting contemporarily and neoliberally disgusting over there!

(This post is a reaction to:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Winter Project

I had sharpened my pencil this morning and set off to write something I have never attempted before--a novel. I've written poems, dreams, and short stories before but because of forces of circumstance I had to shelve off my drafts. As I dusted off my notebook, it seemed as if a hardening crust of tardiness slowly cracked and peeled off. This one is no different from an experience of rebirth we encounter as some rare moment in our lives. With fingers primed and emotions unsealed, no date can ever be better than today. I'm starting off and typing away.

My novel will be about a person who's always in the middle, a criticism of the golden mean. Whoever says that being in moderation, on average, and in between will ever be mostly good will be challenged to think again. I am not putting up a cerebral fist at Aristotle in any way. This novel is mostly a self-reflective one. I hope the future readers will find it a good mirror, an enlightening surface where they can see themselves being caught in a life full of averageness and non-difference from many points of comparison. As I write, it is also my hope that I can provide some allusions to break the monotonous drama in life.

Friday, July 8, 2011

First Love

Tried to translate in Korean lines from Adele's song First Love.

So little to say but so much time
많은 시간이 있지만 내 말할 것이 많지 않다.
Despite my empty mouth the words are in my mind
내 빈 입에도 불구하고 내 고개 안에 말이 어슬렁 대다. 난 커피를 마시고 너는 밖에 몇번이고 응시한다.
Forgive me first love but we're through
우리..우리의 관계는 이제 끝이다.. 미안해 첫사랑..
This love has dried up and stay behind...
우리 사랑은 이미 바싹 마르고 뒤에 남았다...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scholarship to Korea, Winter Semester 2011

ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Program 2011

The ASEAN University Network (AUN) in collaboration with Daejeon University (DJU) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Korea are now ready to launch the ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Program between the Republic of Korea and ASEAN Nations 2011

Scholarship Information:
Full Scholarships covering tuition fee, room and board, roundtrip ticket, and living allowance, will be offered to 30 students from ASEAN Nations who interested to study in the fields of Social Science and ICT at Daejeon University for the year 2011-2012. The program is developed for international exchange students and classes will be taught in English.

Students will be given a chance to attend a 2-month internship programme at the leading organizations in Korea, namely United Nations-Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development (UN APCICT), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea-ASEAN Center, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS), Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation (KONICOF), Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, etc.

Admission Requirement:

Applicant must be a citizen of ASEAN nations and currently enrolled in College or University.

Undergraduate students majoring in Information Technology (e.g. Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical/Electrics Engineering, Communications Engineering or IT related major) or,

Undergraduate students majoring in Social Science Studies (e.g. Economics, Business, Public Administration, Political Science, International Studies) and Korean Studies

Applicant must has an excellent academic record (Should be in the top 10% of their classes)

Applicant must have a good command of written and spoken English.

Applicant must have a good medical record.

- Application Deadline: July 10, 2011
- Scholarship Announcement: July 30, 2011
- Arrival Date (Fall Semester): September 1, 2011
- Scholarship Period: September 2011 - June 2012

How to Apply:

Interested students should contact their International Relations Office for the application package.

Individual applications will not be accepted.

Applicants must submit the completed package and required documents to the AUN Secretariat through the International Relations Office of their University.

Students must send 1 copy of their complete applications to Daejeon University via mail.

Check with your University’s International Relations Office for result of selection process.

Participating universities are:
Ateneo de Manila University
De La Salle University
University of the Philippines

For more information and/or application form, please contact the AUN Secretariat at

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spa in Seoul

Only two weeks are left before the spring semester ends. Exams. Papers. Stress level: 100, Word count: 0.
I had to do something to at least make my body feel relaxed. I hope my mind follows after the matter.
It took an hour and a half to go to a spa in Apgujeong, Seoul that I saw on TV. It is owned my Lee Mi Na, a Korean news anchor. As is expected of spas, the ambiance is very relaxing and the minty scent just adds up to the relaxing and "happifying" feeling. The attendants are very courteous, too. They ushered be to wait on the couch for a while and served me a good brew of jasmine tea. I changed my clothes to a white robe and had a foot bath. I got an hour-long massage and facial, which were really, really super nice. I can't describe with words the tactile satisfaction I got from it but it was sooOo good. I'll go back there again for another detox session.

They offer various services (different kinds of peels, slimming, Oxygen treatment, Power Massage for Men,gold face pack, etc.) but I only availed the basic facial and massage.

How to go to Spa d' El:
Take the orange line. Get of at Apgujeong Station (after Shinsa Station). Take exit 4 and walk straight. After around 30 steps, you'll see Body Shop to your right. Go straight ahead and you'll see Global Plastic Surgery. It's a huge building and you won't miss it. Turn right. Walk for about 30 seconds and you'll see a huge church (forgot the name but it's made of red bricks) to the right. Opposite that church is the Spa. It's located on the 6th floor.

피곤해서 압구정 Spa d' El 갔고 마사지 잘 받았어요. 진짜 좋고 만족이었어요. 스파 가는 길: 압구정역, 4출구 나가고 똑바로 가서 (한3분) Global 성형 외과 볼 수 있어요. 오른쪽가고 (한1분) 큰 교회 보고 Spa d' El 왼쪽에 있어요.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Behavioral Therapy to Change an Effeminate Child

You can read the full article by following this link.

What I think about this aside from pitying the man, is this:

Homosexuality was considered a disease in the 1970s and it was only recently removed from the DSM-IV list of psychological illnesses. The funny thing is, until now, the most widely stated parallelism between homosexuality and disease is that the former is no different from kleptomania and other behavioral disorders. To move the argument further, ask: Is stealing (being a kleptomaniac) a sin? Should it be treated? One can confidently retort, "Of course!". By extension, is homosexuality a sin? Must it be treated? It's difficult to run counter to the analogy. However, homosexuality being more pervasive differs itself from behavioral illnesses, which are confined to a relatively smaller portion of the human population." Why then, is homosexuality such a widespread and contagious behavioral abnormalcy! And those afflicted must be suffering self-denial as, like the man who took his life in the article, one should not act according to the behavioral congruency of being gay. Thing is, if one dissociates from one's nature, it causes neurosis, it extinguishes life, and it crushes the soul.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Gangnam to the World

If you're in a foreign country and you know that your time is limited, it is a big shame to spend a weekend in a swivel chair and facebook the day away. It wasn't the case for me, amid the weather being overcast telling me not to go out. I had to set out on a familiar subway route boarding the train from Yeokgok Station and getting off at Gangnam-guchong Station (강남구청역, dark green line), for the district tour organized by Gangnam-gu (강남구). Seoul has 25 districts (구) but it is only Gangnam, as far as my email is concerned, that has sent me an invitation to become an honorary publicity ambassador. It is also only in this district where you will feel an air of sophistication, much like when I visited Manhattan, with the district being dotted with huge business buildings, museums, and commercial establishments. The thing is, I did not feel detached at all from the cultural face that Korea is projecting to foreigners. The culture and tradition was there, intermingled with modernity and much more.

So we arrived at the city municipal office and waited for about an hour for the other participants. There was a bus parked just in front of the building and we rightly suspected that it's for the trip. Sure enough, it was. We were welcomed on board by a very nice tourist guide, a friendly bus driver, and a bag of snacks and a water bottle. Small as the snacks were, they made me feel that the organizers took our needs to heart. The water bottle saved my day.

There were a lot of destinations in the trip but I liked Kukkiwon the most. I thought, gosh, we're going to Korea's top Taekwondo academy, and Taekwondo being Korea's national sport, I must be able to get a glimpse of how jins train hard and execute to perfection Taekwondo routines. The well-built jins started to do Taekwondo moves to a tune, as if it were easy kicking almost to a split and doing the spins and still landing with great balance and composure. The choreography was excellent. But I wanted to see the apples juiced and ply boards splintered. Well, those came right after a sparring, which still was done to a very upbeat tune. Surprisingly, it wasn't just apples and boards, there were swords and bells, too. I was privileged to see such a performance done in a place where Taekwondo was originally founded (Kukki). The exhibitions include jins somersaulting and crushing the apples pierced by the tip of a sword 12 feet up in the air. You can say that that's accuracy. I guess they'd feel awful if their feet touches the sword. And there was this jin who was blindfolded and was just listening to the sound of the bell, using it as his cue as to how distant he is from the apples. With a sharp, powerful somersault, he brought the apples down, and so was the crowd of spectators. At the end of the performance, we were allowed to step in the court and take photos with the jins. I also picked a splinter of wood not as a souvenir but in order to test whether I can break it into two at home, and how painful it is to try.

There were other highlights in the trip like the Garden Restaurant and Samsung D'light. All in all, it was a rewarding Saturday. I got the chance to watch the jins and meet the honorable Mayor of Gangnam Shin Yeon-hee. The freebie didn't stop with the water bottle; everyone also got a USB.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Lucid Dream

Suddenly I found myself in a mission to help a certain man. I know he's not a stranger to me because I felt unthreatened following him for the mission. We drove a van into a small Mexican-like village, got off, and started walking through narrow alleys of soil and scattered stones. There were walls enclosing in on us as well as semi-dilapidated houses. You know you're in a shady place if you can just visualize what it looks like. I don't know exactly what we're about to do there but I felt that, as his assistant, going through the narrowest alley leading up to a flight of stairs was the only way to go.

We started to ascend and up there I saw a very beautiful lady. She looks like an American with Middle-eastern descent. Draped over her head till her shoulders is a silk cloth adorned with sophisticated patterns and colors. She did not allow us to see her head, but some big curls escaping the embrace of the veil obviate any need for that. She looks 30-ish, elegant, and wise. She couldn't have been any more as after the conversation she and my friend had, I knew she was living for centuries.

Urdu. That small potion of youth was the key to her eternal beauty. I don't know how my friend met her but it seems like something romantic has been going on between them. For the concoction to be potent, the Urdu needs some ingredients to be acquired. The lady has drank the only bottle left and I suppose it was our mission to obtain the other rare ingredients.

More talks between them, about youth, life, wisdom, love. I was standing in one corner of the room. I saw her figure oscillate between old age and elegance. I was not shocked. Instead, I thought about the powers of the Urdu. "Will you drink it?", asked the lady to my friend? "I will not kill a person", the other replied. It was hard on him. It's as if however strong his love for the lady, extracting a human life for the bottle remains out of the question.

The lady did not dare argue. She has lived a long life. I don't think she's a bad person. Her figure trembled. I saw her arm wrinkle up. Feeling that she would be drawing her last breath any minute now, she invited us to sit on the floor with her, paying more attention to me now than to my companion. She unrolled a small scroll and wrote numbers, marks, and arrows. "8611** is the combination. The instructions for making the Urdu can be found inside this cabinet", she told me, her chest barely touching the ground; only her arm supports her weight.. Her voice is shaking now. White hair covering the sides of her face. I can only see traces of her past glory. In my heart of hearts, I felt relieved that she was able to write everything down for the Urdu can yet be rediscovered. The lady started to loose her mind. She began to babble and doodle on the scroll. I felt awful. "So it's what happens...", murmured my friend.

The lady was not able to bid us farewell for death took her as swiftly as youth runs into her veins everytime she drinks the potion. Her old body now sprawls on the floor as if embracing it.

I know where the Urdu is. When I dream again I shall visit her place.
By the way, I can still remember the number combination after waking up.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I was supposed to feel relieved, to say the least, that Bin Laden was killed finally on May 2, 2011 after 2 years short of a decade international manhunt. But something was stirring in my gut. I felt worried and perplexed about the extent Americans have reacted on the issue--jubilant, vengeful, veering towards moral looseness. As a foreign observer, it appears to me that killing Bin Laden can be construed more easily as an act of revenge more than anything else, more than delivering justice to all aggrieved by his terroristic activities, Americans and Muslims alike.
I suppose America would have to live now under more contempt from those who identify and sympathize with what Bin Laden has not brought with him in his death.
We're very fond of saying one's spirit lives on in a good, hopeful sense. But this time, unfortunately, the spirit that the US has tried to exorcise might prove to be inextricable from the corpus of Jihadist men and women.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So, who's the real terrorist?

If we adhere to the aphorism "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter", then terrorism, as a concept, is pure BS. All countries that have engaged in war and have built mounds of dead people, then, must be terrorists. And can states (including the civilians) really be terrorists? For me, a terrorist group is a highly committed organization of people whose membership is definite, with homogeneous belief systems. Its behavior inflicts damage without prior announcement, warning or proclamation of intended animosity, and of when and where it will strike. The prior qualification, by extension, can also make one man be labeled as a terrorist.

The US is a baddie, and it's equally (if not more) as bad as the al-Qaeda , but it is not a terrorist.

Modify and/or add your own definition.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nighttime Thought

내 방식에서 나는 아름답다
(I'm beautiful in my way)
신은 실수를 하지 않기때문에
('Cause God makes no mistakes)
나는 옳은 길에 있다
(I'm on the right track, baby)
난 이렇게 태어났다
I was born this way!

~Lady Gaga

I just like the lyrics, quite unconventional, bordering on being sacrilegious, which makes me like it more!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wish it were another Japanese Fiction...

Can you feel her agony?
You are seeing just one tragic narrative...

God bless Japan.
March 11, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scholarship to Korea September 2011 (Autumn Semester)

This is your chance to go to Korea and study!

Daewon University College (DUC), Jechon City, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Philippines in Seoul, is providing scholarship opportunities for Filipino students who are interested in pursuing two-year associate program in the fields of Engineering, Natural Sciences, and Social Service. Scholarship benefits include three-year tuition waiver (1 year Korean language program and two years major education), roundtrip economy air ticket, dormitory and meal allowance.
The scholarship is open to Filipino high school graduates, ages
15 to 25 years old.

Selected students will start their autumn semester on 01 September 2011.

Interested applicants must email Mr. Mylo Fausto, Cultural Officer,
at for application requirements.

Deadline of application is on 15 May 2011.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Comfy shoes make all the difference!

If there's anything that I can find inconvenient here in Korea is that it is my having to walk a lot. Unlike in the Philippines where tricycles can transport people for short distances, for example, in subdivisions or baranggays (dong in Korean), people just go on foot to reach their destination. If you're in a subway, one transfer can take you a good one kilometer of walking, 50 or more flights of stairs (elevators are only for the differently abled, elderly, and the pregnant) to have you panting, and another 300 meters of walking to reach a bus stop. Summer and winter do not help much at all, but being a biped is something to be thankful for during Spring and Autumn.

Now, if you're going to Korea, anticipate this. There's no way you'll enjoy the city and the fringes if you won't slip on those comfy pair of shoes. Not that you have to rid yourself of fashion and height (I sometimes wear height-enhancing insoles because Korean men are relatively taller than me, and I'm already 5'8"). You just have to wear flats if you're going out shopping and sight-seeing. Given the imperative of having to walk and enjoy at the same time has made me decide on investing in a very comfortable shoes, not to mention a pair that can also at least deliver a cm or two height increase! ;D

It was Sketchers Shape Ups that did the trick. Not only that it promises improved posture, blood circulation, and soft workout while walking, it did give me an inch of height so I can walk long distances without having to strain my back and my toes. Promenading in Shape Ups also feels like walking on clay; the shoes change their contour according to where my feet puts on more pressure. You'd likely to sweat more than if you were wearing your regular shoes, especially if you're going uphill, but wearing Shape Ups still is such a pleasure you'd have more energy walking and enjoying your travel in Korea.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Presidential Appreciation

I never imagined I'd receive a personal gift from the Korean president Lee Myung Bak himself! Being a volunteer in the G20 has been fun and literally rewarding indeed!
My sister wears the smaller wristwatch and my mom the bigger one. I'm keeping the box! ㅋㅋ

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Never Say Forever

I woke up one day
And the hymn I sang one Sunday
Was broken by chirps of ugly birds
I walked out and said goodbye.

Words that bind us, unshackle us now
They are illusions that marred my reality
Your voice shattered them
I walked out and said goodbye.

I had to open the door
It was as wounded as our promise
Your shadow beckoned but it was behind you
I turned the knob and said goodbye.

The ugly birds cheered on
I did not see you sad
I'll carry on, and guess I'll look back
But I had to say goodbye.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seoul Land

It's never fun to stay at the dormitory for four consecutive days. There are only a few students who are staying behind and the whole building echoes empty, while outside, despite the weather being cold, is very inviting. Today's highest temperature was only -2*C, perfect for 산책 (/san-check/ promenading, going outdoors). I and my the remaining Filipino scholars have decided to use the Seoul Land discount stubs that were for grabs at our uni's Global Lounge. Instead of paying 35,000 won, we only shelled out 10,000 for an amusement park that is not as diverse and modern as Lotte or Everland. Seoul Land, however, is not bereft of adrenaline and adventure. There were a number of rides worthy of trying like Sky-X, Drop Shot, and Rolling Waves. It's also nice to have a feel of how it is to be in the first ever constructed amusement park in Korea.

It's pretty easy to get there. Take the green line and get off at 교대원 (Korea Grand Park). Upon going out at exit 2, walk straight ahead until you reach a building; it's the only building you can see from the horizon at exit 2. Buy a tram ticket once you get there. It costs 800 won. Get off at the second tram stop and you've already arrived at Seoul Land.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

For Beautiful Skin, I Swallow

LG* uses this tagline for its skin supplement Pycnoskin. A lot of skin beautifying products are out in the market but I would still trust organically-based supplements, especially those that I take in my body. Being extracted from French Pine bark, Pycnoskin is one of these.

Since I'm based here in Korea, procuring Pycnoskin is no big deal. I've been taking it for more than three months already and I've noticed that my skin has become more transparent and glowing. I also feel more vigorous. I would not have believed that Pycnoskin does effect positive changes to my skin had my friends--and they're quite a lot of them--not compliment me for what they see.

If you'd like to try Pycnoskin for yourself, just pm me. I can PM you the price and shipping details. One bottle contains 54 capsules, 2 capsules a day.

*Yes, you've read it right. In Korea, LG is such a huge conglomerate that has expanded to virtually all manufacturing sectors, from technology to food and medicine.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Travel Korea, Seat Sale

Cebu Pacific is offering round-trip tickets from Incheon-Manila, Manila-Incheon for P4,000.00 starting Jan 27 till seats lasts. Flight period is from April 1 to June 30.
Visit me here friends!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Be Careful what You Wish for..

My wish has been fulfilled by my inaction and the force of uncontrollable circumstances, and to the detriment of everyone including myself. Had I acted, things would have just been the same, although in a different vein through which the blood of anger and malice would still run through.
The thought I toyed in my head has come true. It's as if as the wish master had listed to me, that evil jin! How could he have managed to listen to the deepest, shadowy recess of my soul and turn the benign whispers into a heartbreaking cacophonous shout? I don't know. But I'm certain I heard pure despair and it rent everyone's heart, some more than the others. Everyone bleeds.

Your wish. The forces around. The jin. Before they come together, silence the darkness in your soul.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Online Shopping in Korea

On this material peninsula, shopping is a must. Offline and online cart pushing are equally enjoyable. I usually buy from Gmarket and it never fails. The delivery period takes 2-3 days on the average and there was no instance when I wasn't satisfied with what I paid for.
Gmarket, however, started to appear humdrum for me as it was my virtual house since 2007. I started looking for alternative websites when I encountered this page, which lists the top online shopping sites for men in Korea. Paradise! =^_^=

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

K-pop, K-ballad Translation

어떤 그리움을

그대를 바라보면 포근함을 느꼈지
I feel warmth when I gaze at you
아직도 나에게 남아있는 그대의 모습
A reflection lingers inside of me
나의 마음 고요하게 해
and it quiets my heart.

지나간 기억속에 그대 모습 생각나
Your traces I remember, the memories in the past
견딜수가 없는 혼자만의 외로움들이
This unbearable feeling of solitude
나의 마음 허무하게 해
My heart yearns in vain.

*언젠가 그대는
눈물을 흘리며 내게 말했었지
There was a time when you told me your tears flowed down
사랑은 슬픈 이별보다 아픈 거라고
They say loving is more difficult than a sad goodbye.
하지만 내 님 떠나고 이젠 나홀로남아
But even if you go and I'm left here all alone
그대의 앞길 비추네
Your light still remains. (Your light shines down on my path)


Just drop me an email if you want a song translated and I'll post it here.