Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Foreign Volunteer Teachers in Korea

l  MIZY center
MIZY center (Seoul Youth Center for Cultural Exchange) operated by Korean National Commission for UNESCO under the auspices of Seoul Metropolitan government is a specialized place for various cultures, a site of global exchange and understanding.
l  IEWCH program
Integrated Education of World Cultural Heritage (IEWCH) aims to enhance understanding of other cultures and foster appreciation of the values of world cultural heritage by educating our future generations.
l  MIZY is looking for
ü  Foreigners from various countries
ü  Foreigners over 19 years old who have a heart for education
ü  Foreigners interested in Culture, World Heritage and International Exchange field are highly welcomed.
l  Job description & Condition
ü  To deliver lectures about World Cultural Heritage from respective countries
ü  To create visual class materials (Power Point, Images)
ü  To inspire Korean students to be aware of Cultural diversity
ü  Active participation in orientation and group work for preparation is required 
ü  This is a volunteering activity but transportation fee will be provided
l  Working Period
ü  September. 2011 ~ December. 2011 ( 5-7 classes during the period)
ü  Training Session
-  Orientation: 31st, August (Wed.) / 3rd, 10th, September (Sat.)
-  Workshop (Simulation Class): 17th / 24th, September (Sat.)
ü  Lectures on Saturday morning 10:30~12:00
(Change available according to schedule)
l  Location:
ü  Elementary schools and Youth centers in Seoul.
l  Rewards
ü  A certificate will be issued
ü  Transportation card provided
ü  Free culture trip
ü  Free trip to Jeju island is awarded to outstanding instructors
l  How to apply
ü  Online application on the website (
ü  In case of technical error, please send the resume and application form via e-mail to
ü  Deadline : 24th, August (Wed.) 23:59  
l  Selection Procedure
ü  Outcome of Resume Screening: 25th, August (Thu.) after 4 p.m.
* Successful Candidates will be informed via email and on the website.
ü  Interview: 26th, August (Fri.)
ü  Final result will be announced on 29th, August (Mon.) after 4 p.m. via email and on the website.

[Notice] Successful candidates must participate in the orientation and workshop. If attendance rate is low, selection would be canceled
l  Inquires
02-755-1024, extension 111
E-mail :
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