Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sight of Affluence

A website layout tells more about site than any homepage graphics or introductory remarks. I especially like Nouveau Riche’s innovative web layout where organization, professionalism, vivacity, and success are reflected. More than just being an eye candy to visitors, the real estate university’s website provides a clutter-free presentation of what the institution can offer. Nouveau Riche offers cutting-edge curriculum for students having a penchant for real estate investment. The university ensures that its graduates will have the best brew of real estate astuteness by mixing theory, concepts, hands-on, practicality, and real life experiences in classroom instruction. Nouveau Riche is also offering extensive workshops for people having the same goals and interests. Participants can take part in case studies, classroom discussion and role-plays that can aid better information retention. The learning approach in Nouveau Riche is non dogmatic, far from traditional, and like its website layout, innovative. If you feel that you have a knack for real estate investment, or even if you don’t feel like you have the “it”, you can try to visit the university’s site and explore the things it offers for the wealthy people in the making. Experience professional facilitation from expert instructors in Nouveau Riche.

Behind the Pile of Clothes (is a hidden cam)

I found this old uploaded file in my Multiply page. She's my sister who's a wanna-be singer (but she's got the "it" already, don't you agree?). In this clip she sang a Charlotte Church and a Vanessa Carlton song. She was just 11 here.