Sunday, February 21, 2010

Petty Things I Hate

1) Mum says don't talk when your mouth is full. It's different from when you have to sneeze. >.<
2) When an eyelash gets into my eye and disappears without a trace
3) Things falling from my grip
4) Inhaling an insect or a tiny object and feeling it in my throat
5) Inhaling magic pops candy and it popping in my nostrils. pretty nasty
6) When my skin feels itchy but can't locate the source of the itch
7) When my cowlick can't get disciplined by gel
8) When in a public area and a booger gets detached from the walls of my nose. Breathe slowly.
9) When I insert a thumb drive the wrong way into a port
10) People playing the same song over and over again