Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Starting the Year with a Poem

The Morning Instance

When the heart troubles the mind
Is like a nighttime sky color-streaked by rushing meteorites
That the logic and nightmare from elvish stories
Seem to seep into reality
Of challenges, heartbreaks, and wuthering lies.

To me, when the heart troubles the mind,
Is like a painful catharsis of self-reflection
Which feels just like that morning instance
When the sun rises and hurts your eyes.
When you have to open it nonetheless, and be hurt even more.
And more until you get used to
And sip the confusion of
Logic and reality, heartbreaks and hopes
Of quenching the old and the uncertainty of the new.


2014 Call for a Better World

Kindness is free.
Sprinkle that shit everywhere!

For more kindness, empathy, and other-centeredness this 2014!