Friday, March 8, 2013

Stem Cell Supplement and Treatment

How does stem cell work? 

When a tissue or organ is damaged, diseased or otherwise stressed, it sends out a chemical signal that calls for help, traveling through the bloodstream to the bone marrow. The bone marrow then releases adult stem cells that travel back through the bloodstream to the tissue where they morph into healthy cells, regenerating the damaged tissue or organ.

Good news! Ghealth, Inc. offers G-cell stem cell mobilizer from New Zealand. 2-3x of vegetarian supplements can be taken daily to experience the full benefits of G-cell.

My personal experience with this product was for my eyesight. My vision was 125/175 before. After using G-cell for 2 months, I went to the ophthalmologist to verify a drastic improvement: 25/125!

I already said goodbye to contact lenses and eye glasses! Hurrah!
Help your body help itself now!

Follow this link for a very informative article on stem cell.