Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When Luck and Hardwork Collides

Nobody really has to start from scratch. These days my mom and dad are thinking of investing our last ace to business; my father is retiring and how the separation pay would be invested would be the make or break of our immediate future. I thought it would be nice if I’d give them biographies of people who have become successful in the realm of entrepreneurship. Jim Piccolo is one of my parents’ contemporaries so I recommend them to take a look at his biography. They have considered opening up an English school here for underprivileged children so Mr. Jim Piccolo’s experiences are really invaluable. Mr. Jim Piccolo is currently the chairperson and CEO of Nouveau Riche University, an institute for higher education that specializes in real estate investment. Mr. Jim Piccolo’s business acuity and twenty years of business experience have made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. Not only has he have stakes in the education market and in the manufacturing sector but he also has prove his ability to create niches that are “outside” of his specialty. He is now a nationally-recognized, after-market, sport-truck accessory maker and designer. Opportunities are bucketful. I’d like my parents to hit the jackpot in the market as well. Who knows, if things go really well, we could really open an English institute. I’ll be the first one to enroll. ^^;