Friday, August 22, 2008

A Financial Solution that's Accommodative ^^;

If you don’t know what unsecured personal loans are, then you could be missing a definite lifeline. Applying for personal loans is the second-best solution (having savings and emergency funds are still the best) if you are in need of urgent cash for personal use. Medical bills, debt consolidation, vacation allowance, and education expenses are the usual reasons why people apply for personal loans. This type of loan is amortized over a fixed term with regular payments of principal and interest ( Unsecured personal loans usually do not require collateral and loan applicants are just screened for their ability to pay. If you are currently caught in debt, or in urgent need of cash, then Accommodative Financial Solutions could help you cross the financial bridge till you are able to manage your deficits. The website has a neat layout, with an image of a handsome man holding out his hand accommodatively gesturing financial help. Wouldn’t you just grab on to this! You can click on the pre-qualify hotspot (at the bottom of the website) to know if you are qualified to borrow. And if you are indeed qualified, expect that there would be no upfront fees, hidden costs, and setup charges.

Saturday Morning!

I've never felt so ante meridianly hungry in my life! I just woke up and I felt my stomach churning from starvation but I still managed to turn on my PC and write this entry. Anyhow, I saw this photo of my first ever lunch in DJU cafeteria in my cluttered desktop:

The side dish is an assortment of fruits with light mayo and milk. There's also twirly pasta Korean style spag, fish fillet, and bean curd soup.
Oh, I miss Korean food.

참! I'll head off to the dining!

Have a great weekend (for my Asian friends), and T.G.I.F. (for my Western blogmates).