Sunday, November 4, 2012

Work with LG Korea

LG Electronics is looking for global talents who are studying in Korea. Please refer to the below and apply if you are interested.

2012 Recruitment for International Talents
□ Recruiting Objective
- Select excellent foreign talents and help them learn LGE’s management 
philosophy/style and expertise by working in Korea
- Eventually, they will move to subsidiaries in their mother countries and be
nurtured as Core Talents who will lead the subsidiaries in the long term.
□ Scheme of Nurturing Foreign Students studying in Korea
① Recruit foreign students studying in Korea
② Work in Korea for 1 year
③ Move to subsidiaries in home countries
④ Nurture as local core talents
□ Qualification

- International students from Africa, South Central America, Middle East,
Eastern Europe (Romania, Poland, Greece and Czech)

- Korean skill is mandatory.
- Foreign students who study in Korea for bachelor or master’s degree and will
graduate in 2013.

□ Recruitment Area/Major
1) Marketing/Sales : Any major (Business Administration, Trade and Economics are preferred)
2) Production : Science and Engineering Majors
3) Support : Any Majors

□ Application period: 2012/10/22~ 2012/11/13

□ How to apply
- Fill out the application form and send it email to
☞ Download the application at

- The subject of an e-mail and the attached file should be named as
‘[Nationality] Degree_name’ (e.g : [Korea] bachelor_Gildong Hong)

- If you have any question ,please send an e-mail to