Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SSS Pension: The Hidden 5-year Time Loss

A Must Read FYI for Pinoy Employees

Alam mo kung magkano ang monthly SSS mo? Alam mo rin ba na at least 5 years kang dapat buhay para marecover mo lahat ng premiums mo? Cling on to dear life ka till 65.

GOOD THING is, we can reverse the counting. Save today for 5 years habang bata pa, and you will get at least 7x more than your monthly SSS pension.

There's a savings design to achieve just that.

Computation for people who earn over 15,750/monthly, contributing for 15 years:
MSC *40%
16,000 *40% = P6,400 monthly pension
Gross Contribution: P316,800
316,800/6,400 = 5 years before you can recoup all your payments.

IBIG SABIHIN: binabawi mo lang lahat ng naibayad mo. Your living on interest starts only from 65th year onwards. Is this very wise?