Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seoul Land

It's never fun to stay at the dormitory for four consecutive days. There are only a few students who are staying behind and the whole building echoes empty, while outside, despite the weather being cold, is very inviting. Today's highest temperature was only -2*C, perfect for 산책 (/san-check/ promenading, going outdoors). I and my the remaining Filipino scholars have decided to use the Seoul Land discount stubs that were for grabs at our uni's Global Lounge. Instead of paying 35,000 won, we only shelled out 10,000 for an amusement park that is not as diverse and modern as Lotte or Everland. Seoul Land, however, is not bereft of adrenaline and adventure. There were a number of rides worthy of trying like Sky-X, Drop Shot, and Rolling Waves. It's also nice to have a feel of how it is to be in the first ever constructed amusement park in Korea.

It's pretty easy to get there. Take the green line and get off at 교대원 (Korea Grand Park). Upon going out at exit 2, walk straight ahead until you reach a building; it's the only building you can see from the horizon at exit 2. Buy a tram ticket once you get there. It costs 800 won. Get off at the second tram stop and you've already arrived at Seoul Land.