Sunday, April 7, 2013

Investment with the biggest bang for the buck!

Do you have P79,000? Where can you sensibly invest it?

Option A: for short term horizon - invest it in Ghealth, Inc. (guaranteed 40% cash ROI in two weeks; 152% ROI upon sales of full inventory, plus a franchise business). Please refer below for Option A.
Option B: for long term protection - insurance protection with a savings component (minimum of 1.3M coverage for only 16k or 30k yearly, retirement fund of up to 3M; yeah, we hate paying for premiums that turn out to be sunk cost/napatapon lang kasi di nagamit). Let’s set a heart to heart talk for Option B.
A 152% Return of Investment—impossible? Possible with Ghealth, Inc.

P79,200 and you will get the following:
a) 18 bottles of GCell Stem Cell Mobilizer 90 soft gels and  b) 6 bottles of Omega King 90s Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, EPA, DHA
            The Market price of the 24 bottles = P96,480
Investments Unconditionally and Automatically Returned in two weeks:
P40,370 guaranteed returns (in form of cash rebates and 5k worth of free products)
Plus P96,480 in form of product stocks/inventory
Total: P40,370 + P96,480 = P136,480 guaranteed net value returned automatically in two weeks!
Investments Returned after Products have been sold: P17,280

Total Returns: P136,480 + P17,280 = P153,760
That’s 152% ROI.
Now, tell me which franchise or distribution company gives this rate of ROI?
Want to spend your 79,000 wisely? Feel free to contact L: +63921 6638808