Monday, December 14, 2009

Teaching in an International School

Full-time high school Social Studies teacher @ MIT International School in Alabang Muntinlupa City.

1) teaching World History and Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics; 4 hours/day
2) preparing weekly lesson plans
3) preparing quarter grades and all those teacher stuff

Full-time high school English teacher @ MIT International School

1) teaching Literature (American and salient literary works of other cultures) to Grades 10 and 11
2) teaching Grammar and Composition to Grades 9 and 10
3) preparing weekly lesson plans
4) preparing quarter grades, etc.
5) 4 hours/day

1) East-West insurance
2) perfect attendance incentive
3) teaching resources are provided
4) air conditioned rooms with large LCD & PC
5) small class (9-15 students)

*Work starts on March 1, 2010. Application is until Feb 24 (Social Science).
*Work starts on January 4, 2010. Application is open till the post is taken (English).
Send me your resume if interested.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Love Letters

Watching full-length movies has never been a possibility for me these days. Short movies and youtube have always been my form of break and source of entertainment. I particulary like this one: Signs. It's a 10-minute clip about two people separated by distance and bridged not by email but by traditional letter.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Japan-ASEAN Student Conference

[all errors, sic.]

Are you a student at an AUN Member University?

The JAPAN-ASEAN Student Conference will be held in Japan on 13-19 November 2009.

The Japan-ASEAN Student Conference proposed by the government of Japan is in pursuit of forging networks among 120 and 30 youths from ASEAN and Japan in building mutual understanding and network of initiative. Reflecting the Three Pillars of envisioned ASEAN community, the Conference set discussion themes around (1) Environment (political-security), (2) Economy, and (3) Socio-Culture.

1. All expenses will be shouldered by the Japanese Government

The air ticket of students will be provided by travel agency subcontracted with JICE

2. The application package and documents send out from AUN Secretariat includes:

· Application Guideline

· Entry Form

· Sheet for Academic Background

· VISA Application

· Description sheet of three discussion themes

· List of travel agency subcontracted with JICE in ASEAN country

3. Qualifications of the applicant

Age between 18-25 (undergraduate or graduate students)
Have English Proficiency
Have a deep understanding and relevant background in the assigned theme
Have basic knowledge of ASEAN-Japan relationships is desirable
Have not been participated in JENESYS projects
Preference to be given to the students who had been participated the ASEAN University Youth Summit 2008, Thailand.

4. Require documents from applicant:

· Entry Form

· Information Sheet on Academic Background

· Two photo (5x5 cm)

· Three copies of passport

· VISA Application

· Essay (1000 – 1500 Words)

· One Recommendation Letter

5. The documents’ collection:

Documents submitted to AUN: (the soft files submission is desirable)

· Copy of Passport

· Entry Form

· Essay

· Recommendation letter

· Information Sheet on Academic Background

Documents that should be kept at AUN Member Universities in each country (for visa arrangement):

· Copy of Passport

· Visa application form (two original with photo for each)

· Copy of Entry Form

6. The deadline of submission

Please submit the list of candidate to AUN Secretariat by 10 September 2009

The submission documents (please see details on Item 5) can be sent to AUN Secretariat later but not later than 16 September 2009.

7. Selection process

The candidates from AUN Member Universities will be selected by the Steering Committee which comprises AUN Secretariat, JICE and Japanese Embassy, Thailand. The successful candidates will be announced by the end of September.

8. Visa Arrangement

After the conclusion of the selection process, Travel Agency subcontracted with JICE in each country will collect Original Passport and Visa application form (with photo) of the successful candidates. For further information on visa arrangement, please contact the travel agency in your country directly.

The list of travel agency is attached herewith for your information.

9. The contact person of the programme

Pornpen JOY Khooharungkitcharoen (MS)
AUN Programme Officer

Office of the AUN Secretariat
Room 210 Jamjuree 1 Building,
Chulalongkorn University
Phayathai Road,
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: + (662) 2153640/ 2153642 ext. 105
Fax: + (662) 2168808

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ratatouille too Late

Although Liguini's terrible command of his bipedalism makes me jelly on my chair, something has just been fixed in my head, and that is the Critic's concession:

"In many ways the work of a critic
is easy. We risk very little, yet
enjoy a position over those who
offer up their work and their
selves to our judgment. We thrive
on negative criticism, which is fun
to write and to read.

But, the bitter truth we critics
must face is that, in the grand
scheme of things... the average
piece of junk is probably more
meaningful than our criticism
designating it so. But there are
times when a critic truly risks
something... and that is in the
discovery and defense of the new.

The world is often unkind to new
talent, new creations. The new
needs friends.

Last night I experienced something
new, an extraordinary meal from an
singularly unexpected source.
To say that both the meal and its
maker have challenged my
preconceptions about fine cooking,
is a gross understatement-- they
have rocked me to my core.

In the past I have made no secret
of my disdain for Chef Gusteau’s
famous motto: “Anyone Can Cook”.
But I realize only now do I truly
understand what he meant. Not
everyone can become a great artist,
but a great artist can come from

It is difficult to imagine more
humble origins than those of the
genius now cooking at Gusteau’s,
who is, in this critic’s opinion,
nothing less than the finest Chef
in France."
I watched the movie just today. -_-

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Multimedia Contest

ASEAN-Korea Centre is organizing the 2009 ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Competition for ASEAN and Korean university (including graduate) students. The winners will be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony scheduled to be held in Seoul in September and their artwork displayed at an exclusive exhibition. The deadline to submit entries will be midnight August 31st, 2009.

● Categories

1. Photography

2. Video/Multimedia

Friday, August 14, 2009

For Yurina, Dave, and Peter

화이팅 데이브, 판수야!
Ganbatte Yurina!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bakla ako, pakialam mo [I'm Gay! So What?, literal]

This is a Facebook post written by one of my favorite professors who is as brilliant, if not more, as any heterosexual professor I've had.

(Warning: This is a rant so pardon the profusion of argumentative fallacies. I deserve to unburden myself once in a while, I guess.)

I woke up this morning thinking this day would be pleasant. And I must say it started pleasantly. I finally submitted a chapter of my dissertation to my supervisor via email (after weeks of mental constipation) and got my Schengen Visa via the Polish Embassy in Singapore which granted it to me free of charge! As soon as I got the visa from the travel agency along Cantonment Road, I was ebullient!

That ebullience was cut short by the little incident that happened at the bus stop while waiting for Bus 167 that would take me to Orchard Road (I was to register as an overseas absentee voter at the Philippine Embassy located at Nassim near Orchard.). At the bus stop was a compatriot, a manong (uncle), who was speaking to what I surmised was his wife/lover/ girlfriend on his cell phone (I overheard him say ‘I love you’ to the other party). At one point in the conversation, he said these exact words in Tagalog: ‘…may bakla nga dito, e (in fact, there’s a gay man here).’ He was referring to me of course. We were the only people in the bus stop and really, there was no other gay spirit riveting his otherwise discriminating attention. My instant reaction was to glance at him with my rather bushy left eyebrow arched. Then he said to his fellow interlocutor: ‘Oo tumitingin nga sa’kin (Yeah, he actually glanced at me)’ to which I retorted ‘Pinoy po ako, naiintindihan ko po kayo (I’m Filipino. I could understand what you’re saying).’ Well, he was taken aback after I said that. He probably thought I was a Chinese Singaporean, or a Peranakan, or Thai (my apologies to Chinese Singaporeans, Peranakans, and Thais). I repeated what I said earlier: ‘Pinoy po ako (I’m Filipino).’ He quickly composed himself: ‘Ay sorry (Oh sorry)’ and then he continued to talk to his fellow interlocutor.

That was a very unpleasant experience, but I kept my cool. I thought I was just too blessed on this day to get a visa free of charge. Nothing can dampen my jovial mood. Not a butt ugly manong (ok, I’m biased but he is really bereft of male beauty!) who needs to be educated in civics, particularly the art of civic discourse.

When the manong’s telephone conversation ended, there was still no Bus 167 and we remained to be the only people under the waiting shed. As if to assuage the damage he has caused, he reiterated, ‘Sorry talaga. (I’m really sorry).’ I replied, ‘OK lang po (I’m OK)’ with a tone of sarcasm.

The guy is not only bereft of male beauty. He is bereft of balls. How could he afford to be so smug, so careless and so tactless and just take back words easily when his weakness is revealed? At the bus stop, I projected the iciest persona I could muster and distanced myself from the manong (Ang kapal kapal niyang kupal siya. He is not even my type! If the bus stop were an island where the two of us are the only surviving mammals, I would choose to die a spinster!). How could he be so mean and suddenly turn so defenseless when his vulnerability (in fact, stupidity) is unveiled?

I actually have no problem with the label ‘bakla’ per se. That term has been reclaimed/ re-semanticized by gay rights activists. Thanks to them, it has become a badge of courage, a sign of defiance in the sea of normativity. To others, it is a heroic subversion of what is repressive, of that which constricts livability. That it should hurled at me with contempt by a person who I do not even know since Adam is, however, reprehensible. Only my friends who know me and who have earned and deserve my endearment can call me that. But NOT even my most cherished friends hurl the term at me during our most carefree moments. That it should be used to spite me (albeit stealthily) while I sit quietly at a distance with the least-to-nil disturbance made on others around me is what offends me most. It is contemptuous; it is intolerant; it is inhuman.

At that point while I was waiting for Bus 167 alone with the man bereft of male beauty, I suddenly thought of GMA’s 2009 SONA. (That SONA will be remembered for its combative rhetoric – very consistent with the 2003 persona she carved in what should have been her valedictory address.) Well, I thought that that moment alone with the man bereft of male beauty was actually an appropriate time to be combative. And be boastful.

There was of course a moment of smugness when I would make obvious the NUS bag I was carrying. I thought the man bereft of male beauty should know that I am a doctorate student of Asia’s leading English language university (though not the top in the world), that I graduated with honors and among the top 10 percent of the UP system’s graduating class of 1998 (though not a summa cum laude and obviously not the creamiest of the cream), that I was awarded Outstanding Teacher in the Humanities and the Social Sciences at 26 (though only in UPLB and not in the entire UP System, which I should remind manong is the Philippine’s premier state university), that I’m the lone Filipino (scholar) presenting a paper in the 2009 International Conference on Political Linguistics (although I’m not really sure how well publicized the conference is. Haha!), and that I am all those things without having to pretend that I am straight! I am all those things (modest achievements as they are) without being heterosexual! Most of all, I need not be heterosexual to be able to exercise human kindness, compassion and tact! Charing! I surreptitiously laughed at the thought, of course. It would be the height of hypocrisy, not to mention, of being pathetic, to unleash those words to a blundering compatriot. Besides, I wouldn’t expend too much rhetorical energy just to spite a man already bereft of male beauty.

So when Bus 167 finally arrived, I gracefully walked towards it with my very dignity intact. Without gazing at the man bereft of male beauty. I thought he doesn’t deserve even the slightest of my rare glances.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lee Min Ho's Photo Gallery

Last night was a big bash. I've met my college batch mates at UPLB, some of them I've never met since our graduation four years ago. We talked about a lot of good stuff and it was just a relief to know that nobody in our batch is unemployed. After all the arcane and pedantic chats characteristic of UP student gatherings, we leavened up the night with talks on Korea and Japanese culture and soaps. All the girls were gaga with Lee Min Ho and other Boys Over Flowers cast. They even asked me if I saw him in person when I was in Korea. Advanced presents like Min Ho notebooks, postcards, pillows were also asked from me, as if I'm sure that I'd be in Korea again next year. But since I love my girlfriends, I'll just give tbem a lifeline till I can buy (or sell! *grins) them those:

Click here to drown in your own saliva. It's Min Ho's Cyworld, the Korean counterpart of Facebook/Friendster. Tons of pictures with my alterego.
I can hear ya! All right! I'm just kidding! o.O

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

OMG! 50% Discount on All Domestic and International Flights!

For just 230USD anyJuan* Juana** fly could fly (I should really sell this ad to Cebu Pacific!)! I so love the airline if it's just for their perennial promos. But for their service, hmm.., it's okay. You get what your money bought you.

Here's a screen shot of my mock booking.

I'm in a dilemma, though. If I buy the ticket and my travel visa application gets denied, then moolah's gone bye-bye. T_T And even if I process my visa tomorrow, it won't get released before the sale dates (July 22-24) and in essence, I'm getting in a big gamble with 10,000Php at stake. Ottoke hajiyo? T_T

Juan /who-wan/ = a Filipino
Juana /who-wanna/ = a Filipina

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rainy days and Thursdays always get me down

Ugh. Typhoon struck again. Classes were suspended. Went home early, fortunately with full pay. ^_^ Bored and beleaguered with something but nothing, my mind just made a cheese avalanche-inducing piece of poetry, or whatever you call it.

Glass Window of My Heart

You are in the million drops of rain.
In my heart, a sweet, carnal bane,
Dissipating the dew in all my morning
Silencing the hope of my every spring.

I forgo, for you are one in a million.
A rare condensed love contained,
I drowned but you’re never blamed.
Just a drop, a sea you have formed in me
I forgo, for this, you never can see.

I wish I were a raindrop, too
Incognito, I love you.

Art by voorikvergeet,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We Belong TogetheeeEEer!

My work at the office these days has been quite taxing. I tend to smile less, that is until I came across this hilarious Mariah parody from youtube. Watching it when I'm stressed gives my smile lines a good jolt.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Tranformers: Revenge of Fallen (should be the more grammatical way to put it) is like a 125,000,000USD Beverly Hills mansion without much furniture inside. But I don't care. Mansions are objects of envy for their facade anyway.
The plot is linear; expect no twists, but do anticipate a lot of tin-hammering and metal-wrenching action. What's the movie without all the noise?
One more thing: you would not believe what Rotten Tomato critics would say only if you suspend your being too story- and logic-conscious. Even if it's true that good visual effects don't make a good story, to me, entertainment has never belonged to the realm of the cerebral. Just enjoy hey! HeY!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Now the Teachers, After Minerva the Blogger

Ugh! Am I reading North Korea Times?
So much for democracy in Korea.

Eighty-eight teachers will be dismissed or have their licenses suspended for orchestrating the issuance of an anti-Lee Myung-bak statement.

But the group behind the move has vowed to fight for freedom of expression.

The education ministry decided Friday to punish about 17,000 members of the progressive Korean Teachers and Educational Workers Union for their joint statement denouncing the Lee Myung-bak administration.

Among them, 10 will be sacked and 78 will see their licenses suspended as well as face a prosecution probe. The number of those to be punished is the highest since the group was formed in 1999.

The government said the group's leaders orchestrated members for ``anti-government actions'' on June 18 in front of Daehan Gate in central Seoul.

``Their anti-Lee action is a disgrace to civil servants. It is a clear violation of civil servants' responsibility to implement governmental policies. Legally, they are prohibited from holding class action and political activities," a government official said.

Chang Ki-won, a top-ranking official at the education ministry, said that the education field should be a ``sacred place ― free from all political ideologies.'' He said the punishments ― mostly warnings and admonition for the rest of the members ― will be issued according to the law.

Monday, June 22, 2009


There are only a few online shopping websites I go to whenever I need quality products and services. That includes Shopwiki. Even if you are not yet in ‘buying mode’ and is just window-shopping, Shopwiki is an ideal place to visit. I remember when my sister was looking for a Little Mermaid comforter, I had to to visit Shopwiki in search of good designs and possible sizes and materials. And as she is a mermaid incarnate, she also asked me to view the list of available designs of Little Mermaid pillows and bedding. Though I did not buy from Shopwiki, but I’m planning on doing soon, I know from the job descriptions what to expect from the products I can buy from offline shops. The thing about Shopwiki is that it shows everything that is sold on the internet and not only just the paid ads. Shopwiki could give an online buyer a wider variety of choices in terms of product type, quality, and price. This website also is not limited to selling specific commodities. If you’re looking for home furnishings and decors, you’ve got them here. If you’re experiencing neck pain from your old rock-hard pillow, type in therapeutic pillows and Shopwiki would return a great list to choose from. If you’re looking for lamps, desk lamps, furniture, home accessories and are on a limited budget, just select the price range in the filters, tick the brand, limit your results choices, and view only what meets your criteria. It’s very convenient to shop in Shopwiki.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scholarship to South Korea for Spring Semester 2010

This is a repost from Ms. Betchay's blog. If you feel bad about missing the scholarship offered by CUK, fret no more since they are still accepting applications for the Spring semester (March 2010). Professor Abagat sent me an email regarding this and I guess they accept a continuous stream of master's students in Catholic University of Korea. It's not much of a surprise since our population is around 80% Roman Catholic. Anyhow, go to Life in Korea to download the application forms, fill them up and send them to Dr. Abagat.
Good luck to us!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Learn Korean

I got this software when I was in Korea. Anyone interested to learn Korean is enticed (lol) to buy: ReadWrite Korean (for those who don't know the Korean writing system) and Korean HakGyo (for those who already know Hangul and wish to learn grammar).
If you're working with Koreans, you might have wanted to learn their language, Hanguk-o. This is the perfect software pack designed for self-study.

Each costs 300php + 150php standard shipping fee anywhere in the Philippines.
Payment is through Paypal, BPI, or BDO.
Contact me for details.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

AUN – GIST Scholarship on Science and Technology

The cooperation between the AUN and the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) has been initiated in October 2005 with the signing the Memorandum of Understanding. The co-operation aims to promote human resource development in Sciences & Technology by providing the scholarship in Ph.D. and Master Studies in these areas.

This program offers 10 scholarships to ASEAN students to study Master's (4 scholarships) and Doctoral (6 scholarships) degrees in science and technology for 2-4 years (2 for Master’s degree and 4 for Doctoral degree). The scholarship covers tuition fee, airplane ticket, accommodation and living allowance.

Now the AUN Secretariat is accepting the application for the university staff and students in related department to GIST, Republic of Korea.

GIST offers the following (sub)disciplines:
□ Information & Mechatronics (SIM)
□ Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)
□ Environmental Science & Engineering (ESE)
□ Life Science (LS)
□ Photon Science & Technology (PhoST)
□ Medical System Engineering (SMSE)

Download the application for AY 2009 here.
Click here for more information.

Good luck guys! Tee-hee!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scholarship to South Korea, ASEAN

For undergraduate peeps in UP, Ateneo, and de la Salle, this is your chance to study in Daejeon University, South Korea--all expenses paid. Check out the poster for more details.

I know, I know. I posted this one too late.Application will be in December 2009. Visit the AUN Secretariat for more details.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Worrying is a Misnomer of Planning

Getting a big job done well starts with careful planning. Never forget that a good plan is an essential part of the preparation process.

In the Bible there is an unforgettable story about planning, which isn't very well known. Its setting takes us far back in time---somewhere in the middle of the fifth century BC---after Jerusalem had been destroyed and the Jews from all over ancient Israel had been deported to Babylon.

As the years passed, Babylon was overtaken by the Persians, whose king, Artaxerxes, had a soft place in his heart for all those Jews who were being forced to live away from their homeland. One of his trusted confidants named Nehemiah, himself a Jew, longed to return to his beloved city in order to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem so it could be protected once again. When Nehemiah made that request, the Persian king not only granted him his wish, he even provided the official papers that would allow Nehemiah to return without any difficulty.

Finally, Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem. And what he saw must have broken his heart---perhaps he felt like those who had once lived in New Orleans and who returned following Hurricane Katrina back in the early fall of 2005. There was nothing but devastation. Nehemiah realized more than ever that the protective stone wall must once again stand tall and sturdy surrounding the City of David. Talk about the need for a big job to be done well! The man was determined to rebuild that wall . . . but where in the world do you start? And how do you get it done? He needed a careful plan.

Not surprisingly, he spent several days putting together that strategic plan. He began by walking through the devastation as he surveyed the damage. According to Nehemiah 2:11-16 (please read), he took plenty of time to think and to pray as he prepared for the days that lay ahead. We read that he didn't discuss his plans with anyone (except the Lord, of course), before he finally called a meeting and broke the news to everyone. Here are Nehemiah's own words as he told of that moment:

Then I said to them, "You see the bad situation we are in, that Jerusalem is desolate and its gates burned by fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem so that we will no longer be a reproach." I told them how the hand of my God had been favorable to me and also about the king's words which he had spoken to me. Then they said, "Let us arise and build." So they put their hands to the good work. (Nehemiah 2:17-18)

No less than 52 days later---in less than two months---the project was completed (read Nehemiah 6:15). The sturdy stone wall was totally reconstructed, new gates were built and hung, and everyone rejoiced! Oh, they had plenty of challenges along the way, they had numerous obstacles from without and within, but each one was overcome as the job was finished in record time. All the leader's work of preparation paid off because the tasks were organized so well ahead of time. As the old saying goes, Nehemiah planned his work then worked his plan.

Maybe you've made some goals for this new year that involve adopting a healthy lifestyle. If so, that's wonderful! But just as preparation played a vital role in a project of the magnitude of Nehemiah's, so also we can be sure that the same is true as we face the challenges of change. It won't "just happen." A good place to start is to face the truth of where we are---acknowledging the toll that bad habits and an undisciplined lifestyle have taken . . . but we can't stop there. We then must map out a plan we'll follow, just like Nehemiah did when he took a walk around the city. That involves preparing our minds and hearts for whatever it will take to reach our goal(s). And then? With enthusiasm and determination, we get underway . . . one day at a time.

I wish I could promise that in 52 days we'll reach our objective(s) , but I can't. However, I can assure you that you'll see some major changes start to emerge in that relatively short period of time, and that will be very encouraging.

Let's plan well. Let's prepare diligently. Let's pray hard. And then, let's go after it with our whole hearts.

Read Charles R. Swindoll, Insight for Today and start your day right!

Monday, February 2, 2009

An Urbanite's Must-have

I’ve lived my life as a student taking the public transportation, but I could say that have I had my own car, commuting would have been a lot easier. You just can’t imagine how horrible riding a jeepney is. It’s our countries most ubiquitous vehicle; an open-air modified military jeep that lets you eat all the dust as it cuts through the moderately traffic streets. Now that I’m working, I won’t allow myself to enter our air-conditioned office smelling like a concoction of unwanted elements. I asked my dad a number of times to buy me a car from the used autos shop, but only to find out later that my mother has already suggested a new “house project” that certainly would displace my wheeled proposal. This time, she didn’t succeed. My bid for a used car has won over her new gas range. I and my dad went two months ago to the used cars shop and test-drove cars of different makes. I picked the Toyota Vios 2006 model. Well, if you’re like me who sees having a car as an urban dweller’s necessity, impede your mobility no more b visiting used cars or new autos shop. Autotropolis is a website that can help you select a used car hassle-free. It has a very convenient dropdown box at the right hand side of the homepage that lets you select that make of the car, the model, maximum price and maximum distance (or mileage) run by the car. Searching for a second-hand baby is such a breeze. You can also search the site for a used car by state. You can select your state from the list or you can conveniently use the dropdown box where you can type your ZIP code. With family budgets tighter than ever, and not to mention the palpable effects of recession, buying a used car would prove to be an intelligent decision.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just Compensation Guaranteed

Your belongings—your car, your house, your designers clothes, and your health—are things you have invested upon, and as such, should be protected from harm and impairment. But what if something or someone do inflict a considerable amount of damage? Of course you might want to ask—or even demand—for commensurate reparation. Just today I received an SMS from my mom informing me that her car was unintentionally hit at the rear by a woman driver. Both were cooperative and civil enough to just settle the matter amicably. The same situation doesn’t happen to anyone, though, especially if a greater degree of loss has been inflicted to the offended party. And sometimes, the offended doesn’t have the money to fend himself or herself and get his or her rights backed up by law. Herein comes First Personal Injury. It is a service that help the offended their rights to personal injury claims. In our country, where riding the bicycle as a means of transpiration is common, bicycle accident claims are commonplace. And to some universal degree, traffic accidents, which kills more often that heart attack, can entitle one to whiplash injury claims. The latter could be seen in a trivial light, but whiplash injuries could be very distressing and could limit the normal physiological activity of the person damaged. First Personal Injury boasts of its no-win-no-fee legal services to people who are not be able to afford to pay for these services. FPI is also a bastion of compensation experts and lawyers who already have garnered enough experience to flaunt a no-win-no-fee deal. Drop First Personal Injury a line should you need an expert guidance for accidents involving children, including birth accidents and other medical malpractice issues. Rest assured that your valuables would get compensated in the fairest amount possible.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let Your Heart Be Established By Grace

I'm resigning from my job this February. I think I've already finished the learning curve of online teaching and am all set to find my second job. My decision to quit does have a smidgen of regret as I'm going to lose the luxury of being able to buy things for myself, not to mention my ability to contribute to the family's budget. I also feel uncertain about my short-term future. Never before had I been like this. My advance worrying often leads me to doing advance planning. Not this time. My ego has been effectively pinned down by circumstances I have 10% control of. In the past, my achievements speak forcefully on my behalf; they grease me through success. Now, my self could only revel on my achievements, and nothing more.

My friend sent me this email as an encouragement. And I want it to share to anyone who has been inflicted with angst, if not with lack of grace.

Hebrews 13:9
9… it is good that the heart be established by grace…

God does not want your heart full of worries and fears, tossed and turned by every challenge that comes your way. He wants your heart at rest and established by His grace toward you.

But when you think that the breakthroughs to your challenges depend on your ability to obey God, then your heart will not be at rest. It will be full of worries and anxieties. Why? Because you can never obey God perfectly.

But when you depend on God's grace, that is, His undeserved, unmerited favor, the opposite happens — your heart becomes established. When you know that the only thing that qualifies you to receive God's blessings is faith in the finished work of Christ, your heart becomes established. Then, you will walk without the fear of your troubles swallowing you up. You will walk with full assurance that His blessings will be manifested in your life.

My friend, God wants your heart established, knowing that His righteousness, healing, protection and prosperity are yours — all paid for by Jesus' finished work at the cross. God's blessings are sure in your life because they are not dependent on your ability to keep His laws, but Jesus' perfect obedience.

You see, under the old covenant, you receive God's blessings only if you keep all His laws. (Deuteronomy 28:1–2) If you sin and fail to keep even one law, you will be disqualified from receiving His blessings. But today, under the new covenant, your sins no longer disqualify you because God Himself has said, "For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more." (Hebrews 8:12)

So let your heart be established by God's grace. Because of His grace, you have full access to His blessings. You no longer have to worry about whether you are good enough. You can stand firm on the promises made in His Word and enjoy His blessings today because Jesus has paid the price. Your part is only to believe and receive!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Practical Distance Learning

The nature of jobs today is very irregular. If you work in a call center, you have to bear with shifting schedules; the irregularity sometimes disqualify you enjoy life in ways you could indulge in before. Medical transcriptionists, though having more control of their time as compared to their peers in the graveyard, have to deal with the high mobility their job demands of them. These are but only two jobs that can bar anyone from pursuing master’s degree, or even a bachelor’s degree. Good thing one of my friends was able to get a higher diploma from a distance learning institute. These days, distance education has become more widely accepted and acknowledged. Online institutes have refined their craft, and have mastered the art and science of pedagogy in the virtual classroom. If you are looking for a credible distance learning institution, make no mistake with Ashworth College. It offers a very diverse range distance education programs and lets you study in the most comfortable place—your home. Academic programs in Ashworth College include nutrition, diet, and health sciences, real estate appraisal skills, small business management, and others. If circumstances allow me, I’d choose to enroll under Ashworth College with a diploma in Fashion Retailing. I think an online environment, given its wide interconnections, can truly give a practically satisfying and competitive curriculum on fashion and design.

Friday, January 2, 2009

First Time, First Buy

This is my first every purchase in the Land of Kimchi. Accompanied by our Korean buddy Kim Jeryang, we braved to enter the "pyon-ee-jeom" (convenience store) to a cup, or rather, a bottle of coffee. Korean word learned: "sada", which means to buy.

It cost us 2,500won, roughly 2.50USD. It was a perfect drink for the chilly Springtime wind.Mashija! Let's drink!