Friday, November 14, 2008

Your Space in Cyberspace

It was just recently that I discovered the net to be a real gold mine. My aunt has been encouraging me to set up an online space—could be a blog or a shop—to help me boost my revenues even when I’m at home. This freely hosted blog did spare me from the monthly wi-fi bills. However, unique .com domains seem to have greater potentials, especially if you want to make your online space more than just a diary. Of course, with your own domain you can also fully customize your page. Web hosting is the way around the limited features of your freely hosted domains. The best pay you to post websites usually require bloggers to have their own unique domains. Their rates are higher than the rest of the lot, and they give easier tasks. I started scouring the net for a good web hosting site and have stumbled on web hosting, which is a website that features independent, unbiased, and professional web hosting reviews. The homepage is very easy on the eye; yes, I was scouring, and the pursuit itself could be very tiring, but the layout is very straightforward. You can see top web hosting providers ranked under a single column, their basic features, special and bonus features, and of course, hosting feedback. Reviews featured here are all independent reviews of hosting websites under $10. Cheap doesn’t usually mean bad. We all deserve a stable, feature-packed web hosting blog that can make our blogging lives easier, more fun, and more profitable. Check out Web Hosting and read through web hosting awards: best budget hosting, best blog hosting, best ecommerce hosting, etc. If you want more professional reviews, then scroll down through the page and click on webhosting reviews according to hosting pundits.