Monday, February 17, 2014

Human Heart Nature Balm for All Seasons

And so pimples still peek here and there, and I'm basically acne free for the longest time I have known! For sporadic 'rubies' and 'topazes' on my face, I dab HHN's Balm for All Seasons. It just works wonders. It must be the mint ingredients that immediately soothe inflamed pimples. You would just be surprised the next day.

I also use it as lipbalm. I just prefer the strong minty sensation. Also, contrary to some reviews, I find the consistency of the product perfect. It doesn't melt even in hot temperature (not sure but it feels like 32*C in Manila during the afternoon), and the balm still remains solid to creamy. It also smells nice, but the scent fades away in two to three minutes. But I don't mind. I put it right beneath my nostrils before bed.

In any case, I do recommend that you try this balm on your pimples and acne marks (not sure about the effect on the latter yet, but the beeswax and other antioxidants must have a good effect on scars). It might not be just my skin. :D

And oh, it's 100% natural!

Job Opportunity Philippines - Korea

Possible Job Opportunity in the Philippines!

Incheon International Airport is looking for Filipinos who can work as translators/interpreters in the Philippines. They are having projects back in the Ph and looking for Korean-proficient Filipinos.

There is no clear job description yet, but they are now collecting a talent pool.

If you are interested, please send your concise resume (please indicate your Korean Proficiency) to until February 21, 2014 (Friday), 6pm with the subject: Incheon Airport.