Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tribute to the Triad

These three self-proclaimed literati met in Summer 2004 in UPLB...Working together on a number of research papers brought about the best grades a group could ever get. Think of it as utilitarian, but don't drop genuine friendship from the case.
Though quite separated by work and law school, the Triad still remains a triangle-- a shape of incisiveness, strength and balance.

Incisiveness - Eugen (batch 2003 valedictorian, cum laude)
Strength - Jaja (is surviving in law school)
Balance - Horeb (what? hehehe)


Anonymous said...

Nice photo :D

cathara said...

best days! added you in my roll too... yeh, but i think techno is ok now. just inform me when you do..

Anonymous said...

hi elliot! i'm glad you're back to blogging ;)

this one awaits you

hope you can vote and participate.

Anonymous said...

ah the days of thesis...

got you tag elliot... :) i guess everybody wants to increase their technorati ranking and alexa .. if you can find some time the tag is here.. Its all about you and me


jhabevs said...

^ ui oo. nice photo. If I remember it right, parang SOC110 days yan right? The INC and buzze beater mements? :D