Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gladiators in My Dream

They say dreaming is a result of randomly firing neurons, but however random the activity is, I think our brain is hardwired to make order out of chaos. If it's not the case, then you sleep sane, and wake up demented.

Last night I had one very lucid dream. Unlike my other lucid dreams, I was not a character in the dreamworld. I seem to be just watching how the events unfold for the two gladiators.

The dream was about an older gladiator with a striking resemblance to Elijah Wood. Imagine him baring his chest, grasping defiantly on the hilt of his long, broad sword, and wearing a pair of bold leather sandals. He was a warrior at his prime. He led several wars to victory. He was undefeated in duels. Eventually, the hobbit, now standing muscularly tall, became the king of his land. He ruled prosperously until a series of wars threatened the supremacy of his Kingdom...

Then enter an Eric Bana-ish gladiator. He was appointed by Elijah Wood as the soldier-general, the post which he once held. Eric was equally fierce and foreboding but his character is not as commendable as that of Elijah's. He resisted helping the poor. He did not defend the weak as he considers doing so outside of his duty. He is bound by the rules of war. He also doesn't care for his wife. Elijah heard of this and summoned Eric to his court. The King tried to talk Eric out from his unacceptable ethos. As a former gladiator himself, he must know best. I really can't remember their dialog but I'm sure the exchange was acrimonious. They ended up challenging each other in a duel.

The King cast off his linen clothes and wore once again the countenance of a gladiator. The night was dark. There was no source of light except for the big torch at the center of the coliseum, burning as fiercely as the two men. Both turned and faced the Elders of the Kingdom who watch from a fair elevation from the battle ground. The torch continues to burn. The white, rigged pillars casting off their majestic shadows...
My dream ends here.

I so wanted to witness what would happen next. But what could I do? hmmmpf!


Anonymous said...

Hi papa! Your dream is so funny! Hahahaha! Anyways,speaking of dreams I had another nightmare last night tsk! About mumus again. I woke up with an erratic heartbeat and went back to sleep after a prayer :(

ArahMan7 said...

Hola Elliot,

Thanks for the comments on My Little Mermaid.

Come back again. You're always welcome. Btw, love your dreams. You're a very good writer.

Well, see you around Elliot.

Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.

TENTAY™ said...

Yeah what will happen next elliot? =)