Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ironed Fashion

When I arrived in Korea last year 2007, I thought I could be included in its annals as the worst-dressed person to have ever walked the country. I won't post my pictures here since it will be, at the very least, an act of self-defamation. But right now I think have integrated my fashion-floppy old identity with my current fashion-okay self. Sounds psychological? I guess it is. I never thought before the serious extent to which one's confidence can be influenced by the clothes one wears. I thought this was just a cliche, a conspicuous hobby of the haves, the aorta of the vain vertebraes such as humans.

In Korea, everyone is like a walking christmas tree especially in Spring and Autumn. Scarves with patterns of beautifully alternating colors, layered clothes that flatter the wearer's features, various jingaling-jingalingdongs both women and men wear as accessories, uber small leather 'bags' and mags (manbags) they carry about--all these adorn most Koreans you'll see on the streets. And need I mention the hair-do?

I usually buy clothes from the internet. The online market in Korea is so vibrant and secure that it's as popular, if not more, as offline shopping. The latter, however, allowed me to practice and correct my pronunciation of Kkakkajuseo (discount please)-- and if it's just to challenge my charm--offline shopping is more exciting, and oftentimes more rewarding. ^^;

Here are some clothes I bought online:


leia said...

hahaha, ikaw na fashionista! =D

Anonymous said...

so true... but I prefer shopping online. I am a certified GMarket addict