Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aliens in the Outfield and Tesla's Death Ray

There were aliens invading the planet and they almost got away with it. These aliens donned very attractive human skin and they paraded to be kind and all. Add to that, these aliens also participated in humanitarian activities that they were able to gain the trust of the community. Eventually, this coterie of extra terrestrial phonies were able to capture the reins of government. They were benign at first.

But in the parliament is where terror began. These aliens tried to eliminate mankind by planting on the ground pulsating embryonic-red alienific spheres that when activated would fire to the sky concentric red circles that vaporate everything under them. I saw men and women writhing in pain--think of worms sprinkled with salt--and turning gaseous in 5 seconds. There were only a few remaining humans. Living among them were oust-the-aliens independence fighters. The leader was a woman. I cannot remember the details fully but I am sure that she seduced the leader of these aliens while the freedom fighters deactivate the alienific spheres.

Love eventually conquered all and the aliens were defeated using the same nefarious technology that literally befell the human race.

Yet another lucid dream.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for that was truly a splendid sight!^^