Saturday, July 5, 2008

Approaching 50

Birthdays are awesome! I get to eat a lot of niceties. Today's my uncle's birthday who owns a semiconductor company. He's kinda rich and he epitomizes the trickle-down effect of a market economy. KWIM? ^^; I filled my plate to the rim with sweet and sour fish fillet, broiled chicken (ooh I can still smell the aroma) and mang Tomas, pancit, buko salad, and kare-kare with bagoong. Aysus! Busog-chibog!
I'm typing this at around 11pm kaya kumakalam-kalam na naman ang sikmura ko.

After pigging out, I and my cousins played Nintendo Wii tennis, bowling, and boxing. I never thought the console would be that good--and exhausting. Kaya kain ulit kami. hehehe. Pero bakit ganon, I still can't put on some weight?! Anyway, some photos:

My eight year-old sister forced me to make a promise to buy her Wii in the nearest future. Para kasi siyang napo-possess (my mom's line) pag may gusto siya eh. She'll pester you till she gets what she wants.
UPDATE: I wasn't able to bear the kalam of my tummy so I snuck to the kitchen and fixed myself something to eat.


Anonymous said...

buti ka pa kahit kain ng kain eh hindi tumataba...

Anonymous said...

^ Oo nga. buti ka pa. :D Hmm... Buti na lang kakain na kami ngayon kung hindi i'll hate you for talking about food. hahaha.