Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lament of a Call Center Agent

If you have an experience with working in a call center before you'd probably be able to relate to this post.

I am Elliot. A difficult character to tame. I hate underqualified people appraising my capability. I hate people who pretend they know a lot but in actuality know a bit more than nil. I call them "feelers".

Superiority complex is the last thing I'll have. I just can't accept the tyranny of the unequipped. 저는 부적임자의 전제정치를 받아들일 수 없다.

Today I received my performance appraisal served on a golden plate of injustice. First, the dear evaluator corrected my already correct grammar. For instance, she took note of my sentence "This is my second attempt". I tried my hardest but I couldn't find even the slightest ungrammatical hint. Secondly, the honorable epal-uator (pun intended) only reviewed a single recorded session with my student without paying attention to the lesson's context, or even to my relationship with that particular student. The classes I hold are not discrete. She should have reviewed multiple recorded classes, or selected a cross-section of classes I held with different students. I have a total of five Korean 영어 공부하는 학생 who attend class everyday in a month. Only one class was randomly picked for "monitoring".

Can please somebody define what monitoring is? Only a single class out of more than 50 sessions I held in a month! Clearly, the company is just wasting its money for this so-called monitoring task. What kind of data is generated from this un-statistical, unrepresentative sampling of recorded classes? There is no science behind this at all!

The evaluation result is a disservice to the teachers who are motivated not only by a bimonthly salary but also with a proper appreciation and acknowledgment of their contribution, and a well-founded critique for self-improvement.

What is the QuentA of Company QAs?


arnie said...

i tried to apply on a call center before...i passed the exam and interview. but when i was about to take the training, the result of the board exam was released. so, i did not continue.
but, i can somehow relate to this.:D

thanks for your visit.;)

Mahiwagang Sibuyas said...

oh jeez.

QA. Quality Ass.

These QAs are always a pain in the ass. oooppps sorry.
not all, but somehow, all. ano daw?!


Anonymous said...

Nakaka-disappoint talaga ang mga ganitong bagay. Tsk tsk! Absolute power corrupts! (from PolSci 10) hahaha tama ba?

Anonymous said...

nakita ko ang site mo sa blog ni alumni rin ako - abca.

nakakarelate ako dito, kakaresign ko lang sa isang kpo. hindi ko kinaya ang boredom sa trabaho.

at yung qa namin, naku, ewan. ayaw ko namang magyabang pero kelangan rin nya ng sariling qa.