Monday, August 25, 2008

Promenading Aliens

Having photo ops before going to the KONICOF convention on Women and the Science of Nuclear Technology. We were definitely ogled at by Korean students, walking from the dormitory to the meeting place.

My dear colleague, Tanya Quijano, was invited to deliver a speech in front of around 30 other nationalities. She appears here with Mr. Lee of KONICOF (a.k.a. Mr. Superman and ASEAN girls' ultimate crush. Sorry girls but I have to give you all away. ㅋㅋㅋ)


Anonymous said...

ang ganda ng terno ng friend mo ha...

re BBB, i have written twice for them... sa blogsvertise talaga ako nagko-concentrate kasi hindi bumababa ng $10 ang mga offers nila... at hindi puro casino or pharmacy na gaya ng ibang site... try mo sila ;)

p.s. ni-unapprove ko muna comment mo kasi hindi pa naa-approve yung post... hehehe

Anonymous said...

thanks for the ec drops. for you..

have a great weekend!