Monday, February 3, 2014

Network Marketing is for the gullible

Wala namang masama sa network marketing. I seriously think it's a legit business...if and only if members move products to earn and not recruit people to layer money pambayad sa existing members or "top" niche. Avon, Ghealth, Human Heart Nature are the good ones, IMHO.
And pwede ba, pagka magiinvite naman sila, dapat outright sabihin kung para saan at ano, hindi yung "investor" raw tapos aalukin bigla ako magcash out ng bongga for membership.

It's my 3rd time to fall 'victim'; investor daw (because I specialize in stocks investment), yun naman pala, aalukin ako ng ROY..ump at US...ugh. People should outrightly tell their motive. If they're using foot in the door techniques, oh well, turn off yon big time!

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