Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scholarship to South Korea for Spring Semester 2010

This is a repost from Ms. Betchay's blog. If you feel bad about missing the scholarship offered by CUK, fret no more since they are still accepting applications for the Spring semester (March 2010). Professor Abagat sent me an email regarding this and I guess they accept a continuous stream of master's students in Catholic University of Korea. It's not much of a surprise since our population is around 80% Roman Catholic. Anyhow, go to Life in Korea to download the application forms, fill them up and send them to Dr. Abagat.
Good luck to us!


betchay said...

sayang hindi ka nakahabol... next time na lang

SI PI EY on Board said...

hello! thanks for visiting my blog. Anyway I just want to ask something about your stay in korea as exchange student. Were you allowed to have a part time job? I'm too worried about my financial needs during my stay there so i'm planning to find a part time job. My savings is definitely not enough. and is it easy to find one?

Angeline Lopez said...

hello! i was also an exchange student in busan for a year and i came across your post about the scholarship at CUK for the spring semester next year. like you, i had a great time in korea as well. :) i am very interested with the scholarship. let's give it a try!