Monday, March 2, 2009

Learn Korean

I got this software when I was in Korea. Anyone interested to learn Korean is enticed (lol) to buy: ReadWrite Korean (for those who don't know the Korean writing system) and Korean HakGyo (for those who already know Hangul and wish to learn grammar).
If you're working with Koreans, you might have wanted to learn their language, Hanguk-o. This is the perfect software pack designed for self-study.

Each costs 300php + 150php standard shipping fee anywhere in the Philippines.
Payment is through Paypal, BPI, or BDO.
Contact me for details.


Lou Añonuevo said...

thanks for sharing. :]

Cher@SurvivingKorea said...

hi i changed my blog address, i hope you can update it in your blog too, take care

Anonymous said...

hi! i'm MheAnn and i'm a fresh grad from ateneo... i was wondering if you know any scholarships in korea that offers only learning the korean language? thaaanks so much :)

dexter said...

hi, i am interested with the software, most probably i can pay u thru BPI. please contact me thru email, thanx~

HOMER said...

thanks for this!!

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Brendel said...

This is the Declan software, right? I have been using it and find it very comprehensive.

There's another one, Rosetta Stone Language Learning Series, awesome!

anywhere_Smile said...

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